Business Analysts
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Being a successful business analyst requires finding effective solutions for complex problems and validating them with your team. Prototypes help you explore ideas, validate solutions, fix requirements early, and provide a clean handoff with developers.
Why Prototype – Business Analysts

Quickly explore ideas to provide better solutions

Prototypes allow you to quickly explore different ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. They make it easy to choose an approach and define requirements that best solve the problem.
Why Prototype – Business Analysts

Validate solutions with working demos

Realistic prototypes give you the opportunity to truly demonstrate and validate the solution. Prototyping improves stakeholder management by helping you get clear buy-in on proposed solutions.
Why Prototype – Business Analysts
Being able to produce our mockups and at the various stages with Axure RP was something that was very crucial to us because it reduced the time dramatically.

Andrew, Syncron

Why Prototype – Business Analysts

Fix requirements issues early to avoid painful delays

Prototypes are a quick and effective way to identify missing and incorrect requirements at every stage of the project. By sharing prototypes early, you will find and fix more requirements issues before development begins avoiding frustrating, late-stage delays.
Why Prototype – Business Analysts

Communicate efficiently to keep dev in flow

Prototypes make it easy for design and development to understand and build the desired solution. Keep requirements documents shorter and communicate with prototypes to keep developers in flow.
Why Prototype – Business Analysts
For those specialists, who really want to dial in and get that design correct with robust user feedback, I don’t know of a better tool.

Katrina, PROS

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