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When you send an email to, a product specialist will work with you until the case is resolved. Specialists are here from 2am to 6pm Pacific Time. We can schedule a call as needed.

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Please send us bugs, requests and general questions.

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To make things faster:

  • When emailling us at, attach your RP file to the email; screenshots and videos are welcome
  • Tell us what you’re trying to do and what’s not working
  • If you think it’s a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce, your operating system, and RP version number if possible


Send us an email to get started, and a product specialist will work with you until the case is resolved.

Additional Resources

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Axure RP & Axure Cloud Docs

Learn the basics of Axure RP, dive into tutorials, troubleshoot with documentation, and more.

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Tips & Tricks

Enhance your Axure RP prototyping skills and design engaging user experiences even faster with these tips and tricks.

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Core Training

Watch videos, read articles, and try the exercises. Watch all 6 videos in under 30 minutes.