Axure RP 9 Release History

Axure RP

January 27, 2020

  • Added Low Fidelity mode to the Style pane to show pages in grayscale and with a handwriting font
  • Accounts menu from the toolbar now displays Axure Cloud for Business accounts
  • New pages use the page dimensions of the currently open page when added
  • New pages automatically open when added
  • Improved team project responses over slow or spotty internet connections
  • Updated the Predictive Search widget in the new Sample UI Patterns library
  • Fixed error searching for text in the Notes of a page that isn’t checked out
  • Fixed spellcheck not detecting words in dynamic panels or groups
  • Fixed mixed text styling on a widget not showing for masters in adaptive views
  • Fixed font mapping not applying to masters in child adaptive views

Axure RP

January 7, 2020

  • Format Painter now available from the Edit menu
  • Updated welcome screen and tour file
  • New “Sample UI Patterns” library added to the widget libraries
  • Favorite colors can be reordered using drag and drop in the color picker
  • Recent colors in the color picker now include document colors
  • Prototype player now included when opening links in a new window/tab or popup
  • Fixed images in dynamic panels not loading in repeaters in the HTML
  • Fixed error switching from pages with long notes to ones without notes
  • Fixed error re-showing a pane that was recently popped out and closed on Windows
  • Fixed corner radius disappearing when adjacent borders are hidden
  • Fixed non-left aligned text in adaptive masters shifting position after converting a panel
  • Fixed issue updating Window.Height and Window.Width from Window Resized in the HTML

Axure RP

December 3, 2019

  • Default library now includes tooltips linking to widget documentation
  • Made canvas scrollbars easier to select and drag on Windows
  • Added iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 devices to preset page dimensions
  • Fixed text alignment mismatch between the canvas and the output on Windows
  • Fixed interaction editor scrolling to the top after editing conditions or pasting actions
  • Fixed issue selecting table cells inside dynamic panels as interaction targets
  • Fixed errors targeting widgets in masters from a snapshot’s applied actions
  • Fixed an error opening converted masters nested inside panels and repeaters
  • Fixed issues using swipe events on scrollable dynamic panels on mobile devices
  • Fixed groups not moving while other widgets animate in the HTML

Axure RP

November 18, 2019

  • Added ability to unassign a submit button
  • Added a maximum height for the dynamic panel editing mode state selector
  • Fixed team projects reporting connection issues on large team operations
  • Fixed errors on team operations after deleting a page or master during connection issues
  • Fixed error editing and checking in page notes that use a non default font
  • Fixed a generation issue when using mixed webfont typefaces on Axure Cloud
  • Fixed occasional issue selecting widgets inside zoomed panels on Mac
  • Fixed right-click interaction showing the browser context menu in the HTML
  • Fixed issues using Got Focus or Lost Focus actions on text fields to target groups in the HTML
  • Fixed lightbox background color not updating in the HTML on Windows
  • Fixed flow icon not showing for flow type pages in the HTML player
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling after a dynamic panel state change on mobile devices
  • Fixed widget tables not showing widget text or interactions in specifications
  • Fixed an issue nudging widgets after renaming objects in the Outline pane
  • Fixed issues pasting shapes from the Sketch plugin

Axure RP

November 7, 2019

  • Quickly switch between publishing to new, existing, or current links in the Publish to Cloud dialog
  • Preview widgets when selecting the target of an interaction
  • Added bulk selection buttons to the pages pane of HTML generators
  • Fixed team projects losing their “Replace Existing Project” ID in the Publish to Cloud dialog
  • Fixed condensed fonts not showing on Windows
  • Fixed interactions and conditions not updating after renaming a droplist or list box item
  • Fixed focus issues in the Edit Many dialog for droplists and list boxes

Axure RP

October 1, 2019

  • Organized fonts list to indicate web safe fonts
  • Some popular web safe fonts are now included by default
  • Added option to renumber footnotes from Arrange menu
  • Improved performance when editing location of large groups via the (x,y) fields
  • Fixed issue selecting groups when dragging in Select Contained mode
  • Fixed Ctrl+Backspace not deleting entire word when editing text on Windows
  • Fixed Ctrl+Shift+Arrow not selecting entire word when editing text on Windows

Axure RP

September 10, 2019

  • Improved performance working in team projects
  • Improved performance when updating style properties
  • Renamed interaction events for clarity and readability
  • Organized interaction events into categories with headings
  • Added auto refresh for image folder libraries
  • Fixed error closing RP with a scrollable pane popped out on Mac

Axure RP

August 27, 2019

  • Improved performance dragging a large selection of widgets
  • Improved performance dragging widgets over large sliced images
  • Added more filter options when selecting a target widget
  • Fixed libraries not auto-refreshing on Mac
  • Fixed widget property popup showing changes made to the last edited widget
  • Fixed errors opening or generating pages with bad dynamic panel states
  • Fixed error pasting widget notes copied from a master
  • Fixed error pasting a widget to a repeater dataset on Windows
  • Fixed error generating HTML of pages with repeaters that set text on inline links
  • Fixed OnPageLoad/OnLoad not scrolling to widgets in Dynamic Panels in the HTML
  • Fixed switching states on a scrollable dynamic panel causing page scroll on iOS
  • Fixed editing connector points after switching pages
  • Fixed images with shadows or filters applied appearing blurry on Windows
  • Fixed issue moving Publish dialog between different scaled monitors on Windows
  • Fixed bullet points not matching text color on Mac
  • Fixed inverted shadows when printing to PDF on Mac
  • Fixed issue setting condition to “Match Any” with a language pack installed
  • Fixed issue detecting a valid subscription when an old lic.key file is in place

Axure RP

August 12, 2019

  • Improved performance switching to or from large pages
  • Improved performance adding, dragging, and deleting widgets
  • Fixed intermittent issues copying and pasting on Mac
  • Fixed issues launching Axure RP 9 on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed hard crash pasting and optimizing very large images on Windows
  • Fixed errors after deleting style effects from multiple widgets at once
  • Fixed errors generating Word Specifications with text field interactions or deleted submenus
  • Fixed Interaction Editor dialog scrolling to the top after deleting an interaction
  • Fixed OnPageLoad scrolling to widgets in the HTML

Axure RP

July 16, 2019

  • Memory improvements on Mac
  • Line spacing field shows the current value even when it is automatically set
  • Fixed drag-selecting table cells in dynamic panels and repeaters
  • Fixed snapping widgets to a second guide
  • Fixed new image thumbnails rendering upside down in image folder libraries on Windows
  • Fixed displaced dialog contents on scaled monitors on Windows
  • Fixed using flip animations for dynamic panel states via OnMouse events in the HTML
  • Fixed setting rich text with strikethrough in the HTML
  • Fixed error changing a droplist selection in the HTML on Windows Chrome
  • Fixed lines with arrowheads appearing blurry in the HTML

Axure RP

June 24, 2019

  • Fixed some memory leaks on Mac
  • Fixed errors opening pages with bad connectors on Windows
  • Fixed error running RP on Windows when FIPS-compliant encryption is enabled
  • Fixed error nudging vector points
  • Fixed fire event action not working from page events in the HTML
  • Enabled single key shortcut when using an IME on Windows
  • Fixed issues using Korean IME on Windows
  • Fixed IME switching to English after opening and closing droplists
  • Fixed an occasional error opening files from the welcome screen on Windows
  • Fixed copying and pasting an image from Finder on Mac

Axure RP

June 3, 2019

  • Optimized team project operations and creation of new team projects
  • Fixed freezes when getting large team projects or changes
  • Fixed memory leak and improved memory usage on Mac

Axure RP

May 22, 2019

  • Optimized performance on high resolution monitors
  • Fixed OnWindowScrollUp and OnWindowScrollDown on mobile devices

Axure RP

April 29, 2019

  • Fixed a licensing issue when detecting subscriptions
  • Fixed issues scrolling mobile prototypes at 100% scale
  • Fixed error closing fullscreen file from inline edit mode on Mac

Version (PC & Mac)

April 25, 2019

Axure RP 9 is now available!

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