Axure RP API

Technical preview of the Axure RP API

The Axure RP API enables programmatic access to the design information captured in Axure RP files. This technical preview provides read access to all of the data used by the Axure RP documentation generator as well as additional data about each widget.

What can you do with the API?

You can create an application to:

• Generate custom Microsoft Word documentation based on your company’s template
• Generate custom documentation in other formats like PDF, PPT, HTML, or XML
• Generate a content document containing all of the text, rich text, and images in your design
• Generate code snippets for copying and pasting into production code
• Generate a change document showing the differences between two Axure RP files
• Pass data from Axure RP files into other applications or into a database

The API download below includes a sample application that generates an XML file containing most of the data available through the API.

Technical information

The API is developed in C# and can be used from any Microsoft .NET 4.5 or later application.

Developing applications using the Axure RP API requires knowledge of a .NET programming language and programming knowledge of any other technologies used in your custom application. Microsoft offers free editions of Visual Studio.

Documentation for the API interfaces is available in the download below.

Conversion and upgrade

This is a technical preview. The API interfaces are subject to change.

This version of the API will work with all Axure RP 8.x and 9.x files.

Feedback, requests, and bug reports

We appreciate any feedback, requests, or bug reports. Please submit them by email to

You can also visit our discussion forum to discuss topics with us and other users.

Download the API

This download includes a zip file that contains:

• Axure.Document.dll
• Help file
• Sample XML generation project written in C#

By downloading software from the Axure web site, you agree to the terms of the license agreement. Please read it before downloading.

1. Download*
2. Unzip the files

* technical preview updated 5/5/2020.