Free Subscriptions for Students and Teachers

More than 130,000 Axure RP subscriptions have been provided to students, teachers, and classrooms around the world.

Free Student and Teacher Subscription
Free Student and Teacher Subscription

Submit your request

Students: Use the form below to request a one-year subscription to Axure RP each year you are enrolled in school.

Teachers: Use the form below to request a new two-year Axure RP subscription or to renew your teacher subscription.

The terms (not for commercial use) can be found here.

Free Student and Teacher Subscription

Download the trial

Give us a few days to respond to your request. In the meantime you can download and use the free 30-day trial of Axure RP.

If you would like to know the status of your request, please email us at Please do not resubmit your request.

Free Student and Teacher Subscription

Receive subscription

As soon as your application is approved, we’ll send you an email with activation instructions.

Students will receive a one-year subscription that they can renew each year of study.

Teachers will receive a two-year subscription and are eligible for unlimited renewals.

Request a free education subscription

If you are enrolled in a degree program at an accredited high school, university, or community college, you are qualified to receive a free one-year subscription for Axure RP Team. If you are still enrolled when the subscription expires, you may reapply for a new subscription. See below for eligibility.

Submit your request with a file clearly showing proof of enrollment that includes your name and shows that you are currently enrolled. Example valid documents include: transcripts, current class schedule, letter from school administrator stating you are currently enrolled, student ID card with current validity, etc. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, go ahead and submit an application and we’ll let you know.

If you are enrolled in an extension/certificate program, your teacher can email to request a temporary subscription for you to use during the course.

If you are a teacher interested in using Axure RP Team for a class, we provide a two-year subscription for you that can be renewed. We can also provide Axure RP for classroom or lab computers. See below for eligibility.

Submit your request with documentation showing your school affiliation. If possible, directly link to your profile on the school’s website or another page that lists you as a current instructor. If no such page exists, please mention this in the comments and we will follow up with you directly, as we will alternatively accept a photo of your staff ID or letter from an administrator stating you are an instructor.

Education Subscription FAQs

What is an Educational Subscription? 
How does it differ from a regular subscription?

Educational subscriptions are for training/learning and not to be used for commercial purposes.

Do educational subscriptions expire?

Students receive a one-year subscription for Axure RP. If you are still enrolled in school at the end of your subscription term, reapply using the form above to extend your subscription for an additional year.

Teachers receive a two-year subscription and can apply for renewals. Teachers can optionally request a two-year key for classroom or lab computers after their teacher subscription has been approved.

Upgrading to Axure RP 10

Teachers and students with an active subscription for Axure RP can begin using Axure RP 10 now. Download RP 10 and sign in with your subscription account.

Teachers and students with subscriptions for previous versions of Axure RP can reapply for RP 10 using the form above.

I work for a school and want to use Axure RP for a non-teaching project. Can I get an educational subscription?

Axure offers a 60% discount for academic institutions to use for commercial purposes (such as your school’s website or internal app). To request this discount please email

Am I eligible for an academic subscription?

Yes, if you are a student in a degree program or a teacher at one of the following:
•Accredited full-time public or private primary/secondary schools
•Accredited public or private universities or colleges
•Specific educational organizations approved by Axure

No, if you are participating in one of these:
•Non-accredited schools
•Extension courses
•Freelancers or agencies offering UX or similar training
•Meetup Group organizers/presenters/attendees
•Professional Associations organizers/presenters/attendees
•Training centers or organizations offering certificates upon course completion
•Professional internship
•Nonprofit organization

As a teacher, can I distribute my classroom key to my students or should they apply for their own?

Your students should request and use their own educational subscriptions. Classroom subscriptions can only be installed on computers that belong to the school, like those in a computer lab.

I’m in charge of software licensing for a school. Can I have a subscription to evaluate?

Axure offers a free 30-day trial for evaluation. If you need more time, email to request an extension. If you are in IT and would like to get a subscription for classrooms/labs, please submit the above request form as a “teacher,” noting in the comments section that you are in writing from the IT department.