Submit a Widget Library


Have a widget library you’ve created and you think would help others? Share it with the Axure community! Here are the steps and best practices for submitting your widget library.

Best Practices

We love adding new libraries to our community library page and will do our best to help get your library published on our site. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help get your library approved and provide the most value to the community.

• Made in the current version of Axure (V10)
• Created using native Axure widgets rather than with images
• Widget formatting controlled by Custom Widget Styles
• Utilizes interactive elements when necessary
• Widgets organized into folders
• Library saved as a RPLIB file

Your library must have a page on your website, Axure Cloud, or the Axure forum with screenshots, a description, and a link to download.

How to Submit

Submit a widget library by emailing with the following:

• Your attached library
• Link to your description/download page (can be forum post, your site, etc.)
• A 260px wide by 160px tall image that represents the library, to be used on the download page
• A short (2-3 sentence) description of the library

Not all widget libraries will be approved, and some may go through an editing process. We want to provide our community with high quality widget libraries whenever possible. Once approved, we will upload your listing to our widget library page.