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Follow these step-by-step video tutorials to get up and running in Axure RP. Each tutorial comes with an example RP file you can download to check your work.

Video Courses by Customers

This free video series introduces you to the Axure suite. Gain a fundamental understanding of this power prototyping tool, learn about advanced logic, variables and building prototypes.

This class teaches how to use Axure RP 9's core functionality to prototype an interactive website at high visual and functional fidelity. You will also learn how to make prototyping the foundation of your design practice.

Develop your prototyping skills and become a better UX designer.

A comprehensive collection of Axure tutorials from Stuart Hopper of

Learn the basic, intermediate and advance level Axure RP skills for creating interactive prototype for web and mobile.

This is a bundle of all three of our Axure Prototyping video workshops. Start with Core Skills. Then move into advanced prototyping with Advanced Skills and Mobile Apps.

Instructor Shauna Bybee steps through some of the most common ways to use variables and functions in Axure RP. Learn about string methods, how to format dates and times, how to work with window properties, and much more.

O curso online Axure - Trabalhando com a Ferramenta apresenta os principais recursos oferecidos pela ferramenta para criação de protótipos, wireframes e especificações funcionais para aplicações e web sites.

Functions, conditions, repeaters, mobile. Complex interactions, explained simply. Instantly download tutorials in Axure .rp format.