With Axure RP, you can consistently and confidently deliver solutions that achieve your business goals. Before writing a single line of code, proposed solutions can be validated, documented, and clearly presented to everyone involved.

P R O J E C T    W I T H O U T    A X U R E    R P

P R O J E C T    W I T H    A X U R E    R P

S U P P O R T S    A    W I D E    R A N G E   O F   P L A T F O R M S

A X U R E    R P    A D O P T I O N   -  5    Y E A R    G R O W T H


Use of Axure RP frequently starts with an individual or small group within a company and grows organically throughout the business as the benefits are realized.

More than half of new Axure RP licenses are delivered to existing customers. These charts are just some examples of organic customer adoption across a variety of industries.

Axure RP is effective for a wide variety of projects and for teams with varying skill sets. As a result, your business can leverage assets and knowledge from one project to another and continually improve your process.

Agile or Waterfall, PC or Mac, hosted or on-premises, Chrome or IE, iOS or Android, SAP or Oracle, detailed specifications or rich simulations, Axure RP can help your business build better solutions.


Axure RP was first released in January 2003 and was one of the first of its kind designed specifically to prototype browser-based applications. Today, Axure RP is used by more than 25,000 organizations around the world including 87 of the Fortune 100.

Much of Axure’s success can be attributed to its product strategy. For the last 16 years, Axure has maintained its focus on solving the challenges that business analysts and UX professionals face during software projects. We push ourselves to find lasting solutions to those challenges and have avoided chasing trendy solutions. We work with customers to understand the underlying needs and opportunities. And we approach our products with a great deal of humility, which has enabled us to continually improve our products.

Whether you're running Waterfall, Agile, or something in between, starting production with missing requirements, incorrect assumptions, or a lack of consensus puts the project at risk of failure.

The negative impacts of discovering these problems late in a project are all too familiar; drawn-out timelines, sacrificed goals, frustrating rework, and declining team morale are expensive and unnecessary costs to your business.

With Axure RP, business and UX professionals can analyze problems, design solutions, and create interactive prototypes before any code or Photoshop image is produced.

By giving stakeholders and users a chance to test drive Axure prototypes, you can gather meaningful feedback and make informed decisions to reach the right solution.

Once you have the right solution, the prototypes and specifications created in Axure RP get everyone from clients to developers on the same page and working together to deliver it.

“The prototypes we build in Axure are used in conjunction with client meetings. We use them in those meetings to help clients make decisions. In the end, we want to use the tool that lets us quickly communicate and rapidly iterate.”

Cody Iddings

Senior UX Designer at DigitalTelepathy

Jonathan Maher

Director of Experience Design at Keytree

“Axure is a great enterprise UX tool that helps us shape, collaboratively with the end users, custom built SAP interfaces and gather the data that we need to ensure that the final product delivers exactly what our client wants and what their employees will actually enjoy using.”

“We use wireframing as a risk management tool. Axure acts as our thinking tool. It lets us think through designs more clearly and in a more focused way. It allows us to bounce off ideas and test them in a way that costs us and our clients very little.”

Frank Spillers

CEO of Experience Dynamics

“Because Axure is so easy to learn, anyone on the team is able to quickly use it to augment their existing roles with other roles as needed. Business analysts like myself use it to elevate our presence and role in the team.”

Charlotte Lee

CEO of Kastling


When you're ready to see how Axure RP can help you and your team, download the free 30-day fully-functional trial for PC or Mac.

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