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VERSION 5.5 (5.6)


June 30, 2016

- Optimized Repeater heavy files

- Optimized Group heavy files

- Optimized Sketchy

- Optimized Connectors

- Optimized Team Project updates

- Optimized Grid and Background

- Optimized Dots and Dashes

- Optimized Adaptive View switching

- Optimized selecting and adding Widgets

- Optimized rich text rendering (minor)

- Allow upgrading Team Projects from earlier versions

- Smarter connector editing

- Made object and page previews nicer

- Scroll to Widgets in the editor when selecting in Outline

- Showing many more OnPageLoad actions in the Specification

- Better conversion of nested layers from legacy files

- Unspecified Move To or Set Size values retain current value

- Fixed error starting Axure when using proxy authentication

- Fixed error starting on macOS

- Fixed error in Team Project while in the background

- Fixed autosave turning on in some situations when it shouldn't

- Fixed hidden Dynamic Panel states showing during load

- Fixed many images increasing file size after import

- Fixed this.x/y on Masters

- Fixed showing context menu of Unplaced Widgets

- Fixed a few footnote location and size problems

- Fixed paste as plain text in notes

- Fixed some rendering on convert and break away edits

- Fixed HTML button rendering in Chrome

- Fixed Hot Spots links in Group triggering Ix and IE background

- Fixed moving Widgets under locked Widgets

- Fixed alignment on legacy Tables

- Fixed hitting enter on font and menu select lists

- Fixed error on Ctrl-C on a Panel State in the Outline

- Fixed clicking, renaming and selecting in Case Editor tree

- Fixed issues from redoing creation of nested Master

- Fixed multiple legacy loading and bad file issues

- Custom Shape fixes (shadow, line, arrows, transforms, borders, adaptive, drop)

- Connector fixes (moving, autosize, pen tool next, conversion errors)

- Group fixes (selection, editing, set size, move, focus, footnotes)

- Snapshot fixes (scroll to, raise event, set size)

- Repeater fixes (hint text, scroll, opacity, panels, padding, borders)

- Style fixes (page, deleted, create, update, padding, alignment, overrides)

- Typeface fixes (duplicate values, Arial Narrow Bold, Helvetica Neue, Roboto, Open Sans, Avenir)

- Team fixes (modified files, large project creation, check in many pages, notes)

- Print fixes (small output, print preview icon)

- Pinned fixes (boundaries, hide/show, 100%, scroll, set size, group)

- Licensing fixes (fixed some keys reading wrong)

April 26, 2016

- Optimized Adaptive View switching in Axure

- Fixed missing notes on Axure Share

- Fixed syncing Adaptive Views in team projects

- Fixed error getting all changes on newly converted team project

- Fixed saving recently edited notes on Preview

- Fixed changes to nested Masters representing in Preview

- Fixed subtracting a smaller shape from a larger shape

- Fixed sizing a Placeholder down to 1 px

- Fixed complex Custom Shapes causing Adaptive View issue in HTML

- Fixed multiple errors generating complex Custom Shapes

- Fixed legacy conversion issue of Connectors

- Fixed Use Default button in Generate HTML after renaming file

- Licensing/subscription/server fixes

Version (PC &  Mac)

April 14, 2016

Axure RP 8 is now available!

Find out What's New in 8

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 3, 2016

- Fixed some Dynamic Panel loading errors

- Fixed heavy Dynamic Panel files increasing file size

- Fixed error parsing SVG on older Macs

- Fixed fill on shapes with corner radius and no bottom border

Version (PC &  Mac)