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VERSION 5.5 (5.6)


April 14, 2016

Axure RP 8 is now available!

Find out What's New in 8

December 17, 2013

Axure RP 7 is now available!


Widget events: OnDoubleClick, OnContextMenu (right-click), OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove, OnMouseHover, OnLongClick (Tap and Hold), OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp.


Dynamic Panels have mouse and keyboard events.


Page events: OnWindowResize, OnWindowScroll and the mouse and keyboard events.


Math, string, boolean and date operations. Too many to list here. Think JavaScript.


Ability to refer to 'This Widget' in various interactions and conditions, i.e. Set text on This or Hide This.


Options when showing and hiding widgets to bring to front, treat as flyout, collapse/expand widgets below, and treat as lightbox.


Conditions to check if a widget is selected and to evaluate the key that was pressed for keyboard events.


All widgets can be hidden, moved, or brought to front (not only panels).


Preview opens the current page in the browser and generates pages on-demand.


Add web fonts and font mappings.


Toolbar for selecting adaptive views, toggling footnotes, highlighting active elements, and searching the sitemap.


Variables can be set to default values.


HTML5 doctype.


Borders render within the dimensions of the widget for accurate dimensions.


Add borders, rounded corners, and set opacity on Images.


Apply outer, inner, and text shadows.


Select typefaces beyond bold and italic.


Page background images can be set to Stretch to Cover and Stretch to Contain.


Text Fields and Text Areas can have a Hint with Hint Style.


Text Field Types: email, number, phone number, url, search.


New shapes: paragraph (text panel replacement), H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, heart, plus, star, arrows, speech bubble.


Shapes can be set to auto fit height and width of the text in the shape.


Shapes and images can be selected by default.


Dynamic Panels have an option to fit to content.


Dynamic Panel states have background colors and images.


Dynamic Panels can be set to 100% wide.


Dynamic Panels can trigger the interactions styles on the contained widgets. I.e. MouseOver on the panel makes all widgets inside show their MouseOver style.


Ability to crop images.


Droplist height can be edited.


All widgets can be set hidden by default.


Pages in the sitemap and widgets in custom widget libraries can be organized into folders.


Sitemap shortcuts for adding pages (ctrl+enter), moving pages (ctrl+arrow / tab / shift+tab), and searching (start typing).


Widget Properties and Style pane displays widget properties which previously only existed in the context menu.


Widget Manager (replaces the dynamic panel manager) and lists all of the widgets on the page.


The main menu and context menus have been reorganized.


Double-click resize handles on shapes and panels to fit to the text height / width or content respectively.


Reorganized case editor actions


Ability to duplicate Dynamic Panel states


Undo works after switching away and back to a page


Ctrl+tab & ctrl+shift+tab move forward / back in screen history


Create a dataset and a diagram that repeats based on the dataset.


Use interactions to add, update, and delete items in the dataset.


Use interactions to filter, sort, and paginate the Repeater.


Define adaptive views based on browser width and/or height.


Adaptive views inherit from one another so a change to the location, size, or style of a widget in the parent view affects its children, but a change in the child view does not affect the parent.


Editing a widget's text, interactions, and other widget properties affects the widget in all views. The widget is the same widget across views (not a copy) so you only have to update the property once.


The prototype switches views based on the browser size.

February 3, 2014

- Added help tooltips to Widgets

- Fixed Mac OS X 10.9 bugs

- Fixed Font Mappings applying to Text Fields, Select Lists, etc...

- Maintain Interaction Widget References on Dynamic Panel Break Away First State

- Fixed copying and pasting in Repeater Dataset

- Fixed text style in certain Repeater Item Widgets

- Fixed issue showing Widget that are Unplaced in another Adaptive View

- Fixed converting legacy files to Show Dynamic Panels when setting State

- Month reports [1-12]

- Can change Location and Size of Locked Widget from the Toolbar

- Still fire a OnMove with "move with" by 0,0

- Fixed initial Selected and Disabled States on Flow Shapes

- Fixed displaying Tree Widgets in the Interaction Case Editor dialog

- Fixed converting old LineStyle.None Button Shapes

- Fixed Masters for Adaptive Views in Specification

- Allow accented characters in Expressions (Repeater Filtering)

- Fixed errors typing foreign and accented characters

- Fixed multiple IE8 issues (100% Wide, Backgrounds)

- Fixed multiple Repeater issues

- Fixed multiple Dynamic Panel issues (100% Wide, State Background, Push/Pull)

- Fixed text alignment issues

- Fixed numerous smaller issues (UI, typos, errors)

- Fixed some debilitating errors for Mac OS X 10.5 (not fully supported though)

Version (PC & Mac)

March 13, 2014

- Optimization (lots of general speedup across PC and especially Mac)

  - Faster selecting, dragging and copying Widgets

  - Faster Page loading

  - Faster startup

  - Better memory management

  - Some generated HTML optimization

- Added Paste as Plain Text (Ctrl-Shift-V or Context Menu)

- Holding Shift now will always maintain aspect ratio (toolbars and dragging)

- Copying and pasting from Adaptive Views keeps current properties

- Can use Item.Repeater.[Prop] to access a Repeater's properties in Interactions

- Allowing String addition in Interactions

- Allow initializing Droplists from Repeater Data Set

- Allowing spaces in Global Variable Default Values

- Removed Global Variable Value limit in HTML

- Hint Text no longer registers for Text or Length Interactions

- Allow copying from Excel to Repeater Data Set on Mac

- Fixed multiple Repeater issues (tweaking load order to produce desired results more often)

- Fixed clicking on Form Fields in Dynamic Panels with Drag

- Fixed Page Events on Masters

- Fixed Borders and Corner Radius on Set Image Interaction

- Fixed Tooltips on Text Links and conversion

- Fixed milliseconds on Dates in Firefox

- Fixes to Trees in HTML

- Fixed multiple IE8 issues

- Fixed multiple Inline Frame issues (Variables in Target, Adaptive Views, Animation)

- Fixes to Text Fields (Hint, OnTextChanged, Sketchy)

- Fixes to Dynamic Panels (Push/Pull, Adpative Views)

Version (PC & Mac)

May 27, 2014

- Optimization

  - Faster HTML generation

  - Speedup in HTML

  - Faster Page switching

  - Faster Adpative Views switching

  - Faster selecting, editing and copying many Widgets

  - Faster Widget preview (Widget Manager general speedup)

  - Fixed memory leak on Mac

- Added "Copy formatting from selected Widgets" in Widget Style Editor

- Added "Recent Selected" and "Recent Pages" Fills when selecting any Fill/Color

- Added "Without sitemap" option for the link after Publish to AxShare

- Ask to auto recover a file if a crash happens after an autosave

- Fixed bug from recent Chrome update

- Fixes to Shadows (pixel perfect rendering, inner, outer, grayscale, text, rotation)

- No longer adding extra white space when exporting to image

- Fixed bad image extensions when generating HTML

- Fixed very slow Wacom scroll panning

- Fixed Interaction highlighting in Repeaters

- Slice, Cut and Crop Images nicely across Adaptive Views

- Importing Global Variable Default Values

- Fixes for Webfonts and Font Mappings

- Fixed crash from Mac Color Selector

- Double clicking a Widget in a group starts the edit immediately

- Fixed printing on Windows 8.1+

- Fixed Spell Check replacement on PC

- Fixed Sketch on sub Adaptive Views

- Mobile fixes (drag, swipe, click, iframe, scrolling on load)

- Repeater fixes (editing, height, multiple column sorting, images on duplicate pages)

- Mac rendering fixes (shadows, rotation, footnotes, clipping)

- Tree fixes (Axure UI, rendering, errors, speedup)

- Menu fixes (Mac multi file syncing issues, PC plain text paste, etc...)

- Specification fixes (applying actions, deleted adaptive views)

- HTML fixes (js errors, repeaters, generating, HTML button, disabled droplists, rendering, IE8)

- Fixes to Interactions

- Can condition off [[This.Text]]

- Fixed OnCheckChanged for Radio Buttons (multiple clicks)

August 6, 2014

- Optimized JavaScript initialization in IE 8

- Much faster generation for some large files

- Fixed error dragging all Widgets on very large Pages

- Managing memory better when exporting all images for large files

- Edit Footnotes inline

- Added overview help snippets to all Tool Box Panes

- Preserving selection, zoom and scroll across Pages

- Fixed Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite issues

- Fixed Mac "Sharing Violation" error after Duplicating Pages

- Fixed scrolling in Chrome Mobile

- Repeater fixes (image refs, page refs, filtering, editing, cases)

- Fixed multiple errors (saving, loading, opening, removing States)

- Fixed Opacity sometimes reverting in Fill Selector

- Fixed check all children in HTML Generate Dialog

- Fixed Always show Case Names option

- Fixed Custom Widget Properties saving

- Fixed Text Link visibility in Unplaced Masters in sub Adaptive Views

- Fixed Repeater visibility in Unplaced Masters

- Fixed an error starting when a recent file is no longer valid

- Fixed selecting Tables copied from Menus

- Fixed static methods for Date in Interactions

- Fixed area of widget Condition for Hidden Widgets

- No longer allowing 0 width/height Images when slicing at zoomed levels

- Widgets with no text no properly read as empty on initial generation

- Fixed un-bolding Widget bolded through Custom Styles

- Fixed MouseDown applying over MouseOver styles

- Fixed removing Text Shadows through Interaction Styles

- Fixed cursor location on mobile devices

- Flow Shapes with Reference Pages highlight with over interactive Widgets

- Fixed bad offsets when pasting Images with right-click

- Fixed setting Dynamic Panel States with numeric names through Interactions

- Fixed new lines on Text Area after editing a Text Field

- Fixed dragging a Widget with OnMouseDown defined

- Fixed Drag on IE

Version (PC & Mac)

September 25, 2014

- Much better memory management on Mac

- Fixed Team Project errors on Mac OS X 10.10

- Update Mac installer signing for Apple updates

- Fixed Sitemap disappearing on some actions

- Fixed generating Flow Diagram on Adaptive Views

- Fixed error importing Style for some Custom Widgets

- Importing appropriate Notes when when adding Custom Widgets

- Fixed problem when Widget Style Font controls start collapsed

- Fixed clicking Fit to Content Dynamic Panels with Unplaced Widget in Safari

- Fixed JS errors, 100% Wide, Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles for Dynamic Panels

- Fixed Repeater Unplacement in Masters across Adaptive Views

- Fixed Date comparisons in Repeater filtering

- Fixed underline for Repeaters and setting Text on blank Widgets

- Fixed undo Page Notes after editing multiple Pages

- Properly invalidating Footnotes on PC on Renumber All Footnotes

- Properly invalidating Dynamic Panels on Mac after Break Away State

- Fixed errors switching to a Dynamic Panel State containing an Image in IE8

Version (PC & Mac)

October 30, 2014

- Fixed certain paths printed to text in Preview

- Fixed multiple legacy errors

- Fixed error Generating Word Documentation with a bad Variable reference

- Fixed error entering bad value into Location and Size editors

Version (PC & Mac)

February 24, 2015

- Axure is now 64 bit on Mac!

- Fixes many memory errors and crashes working with larger files

- Fixed Variables in Preview for Safari and IE9 and below

- Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite fixes (color picker dropper, welcome screen)

- Added no fill option to Repeater and Lightbox Color Selectors

- Fixed Hidden syncing in the Toolbar and Context Menu

- Fixed errors generating Specification

- Fixed arrows moving 2 pixels from the Location and Size editor

- Fixed generating HTML overriding Link colors in specific scenarios

- Fixed errors from passing/creating some invalid AxShare passwords in Axure

- Fixed error importing certain Custom Widget Preview Icons

- Fixed error adding Shadows to Brace and Bracket Shapes with transparent borders

- Fixed Ctrl-Shift-R to right align text on Mac

- Fixed some legacy conversions

- Fixed error loading 4.0 files

- Fixed a crashing error

Version (PC & Mac)

April 13, 2015

- Fixed Distribute Vertically shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-U)

- Add shortcuts for Editing Modes to the Mac (Ctrl-Alt-1/2/3)

- Fixed some minor loading and generating errors

Version (PC & Mac)

September 23, 2015

- Fixed HTML in Chrome for recent update

- Fixed some Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite issues

- Added support for proxy with authentication on Mac

- Fixed warnings when loading 8.0 libraries

Version (PC & Mac)

October 20, 2015

- Added Microsoft Edge to Open With browsers list

- Fixed some Microsoft Edge issues

- Fixed closing from full screen crash in Mac OS X 10.11

- Fixed proxy issue in Mac OS X 10.11

Version (PC & Mac)

November 20, 2015

- Stopped freeze/crash when navigating to State in popped out Widget Manager on Mac OS X 10.11

- Fixed multiple instances of Enter Full Screen in Window menu on Mac OS X 10.11

Version (PC & Mac)

July 23, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for clicking tree nodes in tree widget in prototype when node does not have selected style

Fix for using up and down arrows in location and size fields on Mac

Fix for rollover styles not applying in prototype when no text styles change in rollover

September 7, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fixes to use Mac retina display in high resolution

Fix for keeping scroll location in interaction tree after editing an action

Fix for pasting images from PowePoint on PC

Fix for connectors that don't have any segments

Fix for importing annotation fields into shared projects

Fix for prototype frame not always opening in Chrome

Update to Chrome extension to download from Google Web Store

In shared projects, prevent renaming masters in the panel manager when page is not checked out

Fix for using Escape to cancel renaming a master in the panel manager

Fix for editiing footnote numbers on Mac when the label is multiline

Possible fix for sporadic error when uploading the AxShare and improved error logging

Fix for applying rollover styles that change alignment

Better handling for local variables referring to deleted widgets

Fix for retrieving GenMonth

Version (PC &  Mac)

September 12, 2012

Introduced Axure RP Standard Edition

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 31, 2012

Fix for random crash uploading to AxShare

Fix for matching button shape colors to image colors in editor and prototypes

Axure Handwriting uses a web font when hosted on AxShare

Updated the Chrome extension

Fix for splitting screenshots in the spec on Mac

Fix for loading external content in iframes in Firefox

Fix so that swipable panels can also scroll in prototypes

Fix for Generate Prototype dialog to show the corrrect Standard options

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 1, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for dragging an image from Finder on Mac

Memory optimizations

Fix for handling Pro keys entered in Standard

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

November 15, 2012

Fix for annotation popups in the prototype showing above dynamic panels

Fix for greyscale images on retina displays

Version (PC &  Mac)

January 1, 2013

Fix for memory leak copying widgets to the clipboard

Fix for opening prototype in IE sometimes not resizing properly

Proxy settings for uploading to AxShare

Fix for sizing pasted screenshots on retina displays

Version (PC &  Mac)

January 7, 2013

Fix for printing on Windows 8

Version (PC &  Mac)

February 7, 2013

Increased time limit for uploading to AxShare

New Chrome extension instructions in the prototype

Allow iPhone 5 splash screen sizes

April 8, 2013

Fix for "Could not find a part of the path" error after getting multiple local copies of shared projects in one session on Mac

Attempt to fix "SharingViolation" errors on Mac when saving

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

December 17, 2013

Fixed errors on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Version (PC &  Mac)

July 21, 2014

Fixed errors on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Fixed some problems with running HTML locally for Chrome update

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 23, 2014

Fixed SVN errors on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Updated installer signing for recent Mac changes

Version (PC &  Mac)

April 18, 2012 (free update for everyone)

New Features:

     • Text Links in rich text that can have interactions and annotations

     • Default styles for Text Links including default Mouse Over and Mouse Down styles

     • Rotating shapes and images (not text yet, but hopefully before the final release)

     • Assign Submit Button on form fields so pressing Enter clicks the assigned submit button

     • Pin to Browser on dynamic panels to make fixed position elements

     • Scroll to image map region can be animated

     • Built in variables (like GenMonth) can be used in expressions

     • Expressions can be used for the x and y values in the Move Panel action

     • New built-in variables for drag and drop: DragX, DragY, TotalDragX, TotalDragY, DragTime

     • Can select “value” on the left side of a condition so you can compare one expression to another

     • Text fields and text areas can be transparent

     • Arrow button shape (like iOS buttons)

     • Can read text values from rich text panels in interactions

     • New options in "Set Panel state(s) to State(s)" action: next, previous, value (by index or name,

       i.e., you can use a variable or a calculated value)

Mobile App Features:

     • New OnSwipeLeft & OnSwipeRight events

     • Add app icons and splash screen

     • Options to hide the address bar and browser navigation

     • Block the page from scrolling

     • Inertial dynamic panel scrolling (for iOS 5)

     • Ability to format status bar style

     * For example you can build more mobile app-like prototypes: Bookmark the prototype page on your

       iPhone and you'll see the icon on your home screen. When you click the icon, it loads a splash

       screen and launch the prototype full screen (without the browser navigation and with and a

       translucent status bar). Scrolling panel scrolls like native page scrolling, and dragging the widgets

       does not pull the page off the edges.

Editing Enhancements:

     • Snap to Objects with option to snap to padding

     • Remember collapsed states and scroll location of interaction pane after editing a case

     • Double-clicking an action to edit it opens the case editor to that action selected

     • Copy and paste actions in interactions pane using shortcuts Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V

     • Search while choosing a page for a link

     • Search while choosing a widget for conditions and setting values

     • Increased the canvas size to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels

     • Drag and drop image files from Windows Explorer or Finder to the diagram

     • Convert to Dynamic Panel maintains interactions

Prototype Enhancements

     • Text can now be more easily selected and copied from button shapes in the prototype

     • Ability to upload to AxShare directly from Axure RP

     • Variables set in pages within inline frames are also set on the parent page

Flow Diagram Enhancements

     • Connectors draw a hop when they intersect each other

     • Connectors try to preserve their shape once they’ve been manually edited

     • Option to use rounded turns on connectors

     • New line ends with crossbars

     • Stacked flow shapes like stacked files or rectangles

Version (PC &  Mac)

April 18, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for copying and pasting connectors

Only allow alpha-numeric characters in generated html filenames

Fix for checking in and out CSV configurations from the dialog in shared projects

April 18, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Changed styling of case descriptions in prototype to make them easier to click on mobile

Fix for prototype with "{" or "}" in checkbox text

Fix for issue converting to dynamic panel or master with locked widgets

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

April 27, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Decreased the sensitivity of Swipe events

Fix for gradient line colors on line and flow widgets

Made the html filenames more Linux-friendly

Fix for Undo Checkout if the page was deleted by another user

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 2, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Show guides when adding a guide even if set to hidden

Fix for click after a drag on iOS devices

Fix for very small image map regions in IE

Fix for pasting with transparency from Fireworks on Mac

Fix for snapping rotated widgets

Fix for pasting interactions

Fix for error pressing Esc in the condition editor in certain case

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 8, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for issue reusing placeholder images in prototype

Fix for rendering guides past 5000

Hide grid when appropriate when zooming in

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 9, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for Find All on the entire document

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 15, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for losing bullet formatting in certain cases

Fix for error saving to existing filename from Recover File dialog

May 14, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for undo Toggle Border on Text Area widgets

Fix for Add Many to droplists for certain carriage delimeter

Prevent interaction edits to checked in pages

Fix for initializing Hide Grid

Set default size properly for Reference Page dialog

Disable Clear All for annotations while checked in

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 24, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for connector error

Fix for \r affecting paragraphs and spacing

Fix for importing pages twice from the same file

Version (PC &  Mac)

May 30, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for error switching to Pan mode

Fix for showing correct context menu for Menu widgets

Fix for importing pages twice from the same file

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 4, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for Replace All with links in shared projects

Fix for "dispatcher" error when editing links

Fix for losing bullets when paragraphs started with links

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 13, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Memory optimization for dialogs and text editing

Fix for Mac OSX Lion crashes when unplugging mouse

Fix for losing Selected style on menu items in the prototype when a submenu is closed

Fix for populating inline frames for specifications

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 14, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for error after uploading to AxShare

Fix for rapidly editing and switching text fields on PC

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 15, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Set a max length for image file names in the prototype

Increased the timeout for uploads to AxShare

Improved AxShare upload error handling

Version (PC &  Mac)

July 11, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for issue converting to dynamic panel while editing widget text

Fix for centering pages with pinned dynamic panels in masters

Improved text clipping on placeholders

Fix for connector with 0 width corder arc on Mac

Assign submit button can refer to button shapes in dynamic panels

Better handling for fonts that cause errors on PC

Fix for axure.com link on About dialog

Fix for getting link without sitemap in prototype if the url already has a querytstring value

Fix for rendering pages within inline frames for the specification

June 18, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for error copying a link from the upload to AxShare dialog

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 22, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for loading libraries on the Mac with a "\" in the path

Fix for issue with images with preserved corners and rollover styles

Fix for paste from Excel on PC

Set Preview on by default when defining rollover styles

Set bold, italic, underline to true by default when overriding rollover styles

Version (PC &  Mac)

June 29, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Fix for loading 5.0 that contain menus with submenus with no items

Open in low resolution mode on Macs with retina displays

Fix for drawing snap to object lines when resizing at non-100% zoom

Fix for linking to addresses containing single quotes

Fix for applying rollover styles on text links in the prototype

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 28, 2015

Fixes for running on OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Version (PC &  Mac)

September 13, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for creating shared projects on SVN servers (broken in 2904)

August 11, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for importing custom widget styles applied to rollover states of custom widgets

Fix for zipping the rp file for unrecognized language settings

Fix for saving a page note rename when checking in and still editing the name

Fix for undo while editing text on the Mac

Fix for previewing transparent color in color picker

Fix for disabling menu items appropriately when no page is open

Fix for conditions comparing with " " values in droplists

Fix for drawing the background image when the page style is changed

Fix for generating screenshots for the specification that are less than a pixel tall

Fix for populating [[PageName]] in specification screenshots

Fix for drag and drop and mouse down on mobile devices

Fix for dragging masters to a page while searching in the master toolbox

Attempt to prevent search indexing on SVN folders for shared projects

Prevent browsers for showing selection halo on text fields that have hidden borders

Fix for prototype error populating dayofweek variable with Russion "Friday"

Fix for IME text input

May 9, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for format painting rollover styles with overridden base styles

Fix for editing gradient fills

Fix for rendering widgets disabled in OnPageLoad in specification screenshots

Fix for error editing Word templates on some computers

Fix for loading 3.x files

May 5, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

This release marks the completion of our new cross-platform architecture that started with Axure Rp 5.6 for Mac.

Sketch Effects

New Wireframing Tools: Global and page guides, a Location and Size tooltip, Format Painter, ability to copy and paste annotations, a new Custom Style engine

New Interactions Case Editor (for PC)

Improved Text Editing: Text editing at zoomed levels, line spacing, text padding, and Open Type fonts

Page Styles: center pages, apply background color, set a background image

Richer Prototypes: animations, math and string functions, drag and drop interactions, new dynamic panel events

AxShare and Discussions

More Specification Control: organize the content, optionally include headers, filter widget tables by annotation values, generate a master usage report, generate all of the widget text, configure column widths for two column layout, configure the screenshot size, page notes formatting and annotate master instances

For more details, go to Axure RP 6 is Here.

May 13, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for selecting first variable in all rows when adding a new variable from the set variable dialog

Fix for opening specificaiton dialog after deleting page note fields

June 2, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for loading "incomplete" image files

Fix for optimizing rollover images

Fix for Find/Replace dialog being active when it should be disabled

Fix for loading with bad fonts installed

June 16, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for using "." as decimal in math functions on computers set to use "," as decimals

Fix for setting text using multiple [[]] sections in the expression

Fix for updating padding when a custom style is updated

Fix for rendering submenus

Fix for error using Edit All States in the dynamic panel manager

Fix to handling more and larger image files on a page

Fix for background images not responding to Show/Hide Sketch Effects option

Fix for converting connectors to panels or masters

Fix for handling "<" or ">" in page names in the prototype

June 19, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Optimized text selection and pasting

Fix for selecting annotation text after a search

Fix to not center case descriptions in prototype when the page is centered

Fix for opening a document without the current annotation view

Fix for importing default widget styles

Fix for converting widget styles in non-96 dpi, pre-6 files

Fix for importing images when many images are densely placed on the page

August 24, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for clicking widgets in a draggable panel on mobile devices

Optimization for greyscale images on Mac

September 6, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for format painter issue copying rollover styles

Fix for color picker randomly closing immediately after opening

Fix for welcome screen at non-96 dpi

September 7, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for double welcome screens after trial expires

Fix for error entering 0 font sizes

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 27, 2011 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after January 1, 2010)

Fix for crash on Mac after rapidly editing text fields

Version (PC &  Mac)

April 18, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Made 6.0 a free upgrade for all licenses.

July 27, 2012 (free update for everyone)

Update for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Version (PC &  Mac)

October 21, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for slicing zero width or zero height image

Fix for error during import in the configuration step

Fix for drawing error when a line widget is set to zero width

Fix for error that allowed pages to be imported as masters

Fix to populate the default text when building actions to set the text on a widget

Fix to ensure check in everything saves the entire local copy before checking in

Notification of missing annotations fields during import

Increased the maximum for the Move Panel action to 5000 px

Increased the prototype frame border width

Inline frames have a white background in prototypes regardless of browser

Specification option to show default pages in inline frames

Specification option for apply OnPageLoad actions to dynamic panels in screenshots changed to apply all default actions

Removed system generated ids from CSV reports

Changed default "Specification" field to "Description"

April 6, 2010 (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

This release brings Axure RP Pro 5.6 to the Mac. It has all of the *features in Axure RP 5.6 for Windows including HTML prototypes, Word specifications and Shared Projects.

UI enhancements in the Mac version:

Widget Properties pane containing a new formatting tab

Redesigned interactions dialog

New formatting toolbar with location and size

*Features not in the Mac version:

Word 2000 generator (newer Word 2007 (.docx) generator is available)

CHM generation for prototypes

Spell Checker (native Mac spell checking while editing text works)

System requirements:

Mac computer with Intel processor

Mac OS X 10.5+

1GB Memory

200 MB disk space

For specifications, Microsoft Office Word 2004 (with compatibility pack) or Word 2008

For prototypes, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome

April 15, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for setting selected and mouse down images

Fix for undo error in page notes

Prevent deleting events from widgets

Increase undo stack

Fix for special characters in plain text widgets on OS X 10.5

Fix for special characters in shared project directory paths

Fix for dragging error in trees

Handled rapidly opening the same file

April 19, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for converting 8pt font from PC files to Mac

Fix for importing certain images on OSX 10.5

April 20, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for generating cyrillic text and unicode characters to prototype

April 26, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for checking in style changes in shared projects

Fix for maintaining page name changes when checking out pages in shared projects

Fix for drawing the fill of rounded rectangles

April 26, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for checking in style changes in shared projects

Fix for maintaining page name changes when checking out pages in shared projects

Fix for generating unicode characters to prototype

May 27, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for cases on raised events being removed due to caching

Fix for drawing master and panel text at different zoom than containing page

Fix for initializing boolean value in condition builder

Made Cmd+Shift+Z a shortcut for Redo in addition to Cmd+Y

Fixes for several find and replace quirks

Fix for setting font sizes not in the droplist in the Style Builder

Made undo work for paste and cut action in widget text

Fix for sometimes leaving the editor in Pan mode

Fix for dialogs not opening consistently on computers with certain language setting

Fix for scrolling issue in dropdowns when mousing over the bottom of the list

Enabled font preview in the Font dropdown

Updated cursors in the gradient color picker

Fix for allowing clicking checkboxes in disabled checked tree controls

Fix for closing configuration dialog if configuration was removed in the shared project

Fix for deleted generator configuration syncing in shared projects

Fix for repeated check out of a generator configuration without closing the dialog

May 27, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Fix for cases on raised events being removed due to caching

Fix for drawing master and panel text at different zoom than containing page

Fix for initializing boolean value in condition builder

Fix for deleted generator configuration syncing in shared projects

August 3, 2010  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after February 1, 2008)

Ability to clean up local copy of shared projects to try to resolve Working Copy Locked errors

August 24, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

New Features

Image slicing (right click image, Edit Image->Slice Image)

Option to import styles and variables used in a custom widget when that widget is added to a page

Import manager supports importing multiple types (pages, masters, styles) at one time

Removed the variable limit (however we still recommend using 25 or less if viewing prototypes in IE)

Undo check out for shared projects

Converting widgets to a dynamic panel or master (right click widgets, Convert)

Duplicate masters

FIPS compliance (mostly for government computers)

Duplicating a page or master opens the copy for editing

Shortcut to toggle grid visibility (Ctrl+Alt+D)

Bug Fixes

Fix for rendering rollover images with preserved corners in the prototype

Fixes in Set Widget and Variable Values dialog to preserve right side values when appropriate

Fix for grabbing connector endpoints even when connector is below the connected widget

Fix for Do Not Autoreflow on connectors when moving both objects a connector is attached to

Fix for Send to Back and Bring to Front (also affected Flatten masters)

Fix in specification generation when loading masters with raised events

Fix for editing specification template on Vista

Fix for previewing the selected style on menu items

Removed background style in prototype for droplists with white background

Fix for dynamically setting text on a widget to the length of the text on a widget

Fix for tree widgets on 64 bit Vista and Windows 7

Fix for undoing an image paste requiring two undos

Put focus on the wireframe pane after Save

Fix for masking tables in masters

Fix for menu item and tree node issues in the specification

Able to view different page notes fields when a page is not checked out

Fix for locking the DO_NOT_EDIT folder while working on a shared project

Fix for shared projects issue when using different versions of Axure RP

Fix for importing from a file that is currently open

October 21, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

Removed system generated ids from CSV reports

Changed default "Specification" field to "Description"

April 10, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

Importing tree icons remembers last image file type imported

Enabled opening rplib files from the welcome screen

Fix for refreshing the project when new pages are added during Get All Changes

Fix for error during Check In when connection to the shared directory is lost

Fix for error creating fonts not available on the computer

Fix for initializing menus when switching from rplib to rp files

Fix for Move Down in variable manager

Fix for error saving state of sitemap tree

Fix for error generating prototypes with a page named "aux"

Updated the API for 5.5 files

March 11, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

Fix for error deleting a tree node while previewing the rollover

Fix for error undoing a text edit in a tree node after undoing a delete

Fix for error doing and undo or redo while resizing

Fix for error loading duplicate widget libraries while searching

March 2, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

Updated Help file

Fix for error deleting an image while previewing the rollover image

Fix for "GetFiles" error in shared projects

Fix for Menu editing errors

February 24, 2009  (free update for everyone who purchased a license or renewal after 2/01/2008)

Widget Enhancements

Create Custom Widget Libraries for the widgets pane to share and reuse

Dropdown menu in widgets pane to manage widget libraries

Search tool to find widgets

Tree widget

Preserve corners for images

Mouse down, selected, and disabled styles for Images, Button Shapes, and Menu Items

Text on Images

Adjust rounded corners on Button Shapes

Design Environment Enhancements

Location and Size Pane: Set the location and size from single widget or a group of selected widgets without opening a separate dialog

Dynamic Panel Manager: Tools for managing the dynamic panels on a page

Choose from two selection modes: Select Intersected Mode (default) and Select Contained Mode (like Visio)

Deep selection in Groups: Select individual widgets within a group to edit or annotate

Ability to Flatten a master: Replace an instance of a master with the widgets within the master

Interaction Enhancements

Advanced Editor for Interactions

Set Focus on Widget

Bring Panel(s) to Front

Set Widget(s) to Selected State

Expand Tree Node(s)

Collapse Tree Node(s)

Condition Builder: Added the ability to check the visibility of a dynamic panel and the current state of a dynamic panel

Version (PC)

Version (PC)

Version (Mac)

Version (PC)

Version (Mac)

Version (Mac)

Version (Mac)

Version (Mac)

Version (Mac Release)








September 21, 2007 (free update for licenses purchased after 06/1/2006)

Dynamic panels used on a prototype page no longer automatically cause the browser to have a horizontal scroll

Fix for prototype error when single and double quotes were used in Labels

Fix for curly braces being duplicated in text panels when rendered in the prototype

Fix for prototype error when a menu item that had a submenu with interactions was deleted

Unofficial support for viewing prototypes in Safari

August 14, 2007 (free update for licenses purchased after 06/1/2006)

Added OnKeyUp event to the Text Area widget

Added the ability to set the value in a Text Field to the value in a Droplist or List Box

Fixed an intermittent error generating prototypes that results in a Windows error dialog

July 16, 2007 (free update for licenses purchased after 06/1/2006)

Fix for showing widget labels in the annotation windows in the prototype

Fix for importing masters to maintain all interactions affecting widgets in the master

Fixed bug generating prototypes for files converted to 4.6 from 4.2 or earlier where pages with masters were copied using the Duplicate feature

Fixed Clear All link in the Condition Builder dialog

July 2, 2007 (free update for licenses purchased after 06/1/2006)

New Features

Conditions can be added to Interaction Cases to conditionally perform the Actions in a Case based on field or variable values

Ability to read values from form fields like text field and radio buttons for use in conditions or to store in variables

New action in the Interactions Case Properties dialog to set values on widgets like the text in a text panel or the checkstate of a checkbox from any interaction

Ability to put variable data in rich text widgets like text panels and button shapes

Use up to 10 variables to store and pass data from page to page in the prototype

New OnKeyUp event on text fields and text areas to respond to keyboard entries in those widgets

Ability to use OnPageLoad event on Masters

Raised Events can be created and used on masters enabling masters to have different interactions on each instance

New Menu widgets for quickly creating vertical and horizontal menus with flyout submenus

Rollover styles can be defined for Button Shapes

Ability to set a text field to behave like a password field

Ability to set the maximum length on text fields

Text fields and text areas can be set to read only

Tooltips can be added to most widgets

Line style is supported on Button Shapes and Flow Shapes

Line ends is supported on horizontal and vertical lines

Text labels can be entered on Connectors

Usability Enhancements

Option to Not Autoflow a connector

User-defined styles are sorted alphabetically

Hotkey for horizontal scrolling using Shift + Mousewheel

Last image extension is remembered in the file dialog for importing images

Help dialog is no longer always on top

Bug Fixes

Annotation icons in dynamic panels scroll with the dynamic panel contents

CHM will compile for page names with foreign (UTF-8) characters

Expand and collapse works in the prototype sitemap in Firefox

Better handling of Clipboard error if a copy fails

Open Link in Parent Window reloads the page even if the linked page is the same as the one currently in the window

Fix for generating selected fields in the Page CSV file

Added custom widgets to a wireframe no longer offset the location

Preserve OS style on widgets in the prototype in Internet Explorer if background color is white

Fix for sporadic error when importing annotation fields and removing all existing fields

Fix for generating selected fields in the Page CSV file

Annotation icons in the prototype are now in the same layer as the annotated widget so they do not show through dynamic panels placed over them

Fix for cleaning up autosaved files in the temp working directory





October 21, 2008 (free update for everyone who is licensed for 5.0 - purchased a license or renewal after 3/15/2007)

Installer fix - NSVN component missing error

October 15, 2008 (free update for everyone who is licensed for 5.0 - purchased a license or renewal after 3/15/2007)

Enable storing shared projects on a SVN server for remote collaboration

Interactions pane improvements for handling many cases

Cancel options on interactions dialogs

Ability to have “placeholder” cases with no actions

Word 2007 specification generation fixes

Menu widget fix that affected prototype generation

Context menus on table cells

June 12, 2008 (free update for licenses purchased after 3/15/2007)

Prototype updates to support Firefox 3

Fix for importing Word 2007 generator configurations

Fix for 'Export to image' to handle page name with special characters

Fix for gradient rendering for various shapes

Removed unnecessary warning in condition builder

Shared projects allows bracket characters '[', ']' in shared project names and shared folder paths

Shared projects "Send changes" checks in new pages or masters when necessary

New variables in shared projects cannot be added in the condition builder

Word 2000 generator warning to save preface, postscript or template when closing the generator dialog

May 1, 2008 (free update for licenses purchased after 3/15/2007)

Shared project fix for renaming and deleting specification generators

Shared project fix for compatibility with svn command line client

Fix for Word 2007 specification generator for initializing dynamic panel states in screenshots

April 22, 2008 (free update for licenses purchased after 3/15/2007)

Fix for tables and menus in CHM prototypes

Fix for transparent and gradient fills for menus

Fix for nested raised events

Fix for including rollover images in the specification

April 16, 2008 (free update for licenses purchased after 3/15/2007)

Shared Projects

Create shared projects on a network drive without installing a server

Manage page and master edits through a simple check in / check out system

Maintain and browse a history of revisions

Interactions and Enhancements

OnFocus and OnLostFocus events

Enable and Disable Widgets action

Scroll to Image Map Region action to simulate anchor links

Move Dynamic Panels action

Wait action to pause before performing other actions

Up to 25 variables to store values across pages

Specification Enhancements

Faster specification generation to Microsoft Word 2007 format (compatible with Word 2000+ with Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack)

One column and two column options for layout

Easier customization of Word templates

Many new options to configure specification content

More Enhancements

Improved Tabbed Interface

Option to detach panes (like Sitemap and Widgets) from the main window

Better preservation of the environment when closing and reopening a file

Gradient and Alpha Color tools

Print settings are preserved between prints