Axure RP 7 Release History

Version (PC & Mac)

November 20, 2015

– Stopped freeze/crash when navigating to State in popped out Widget Manager on Mac OS X 10.11
– Fixed multiple instances of Enter Full Screen in Window menu on Mac OS X 10.11″

Version (PC & Mac)

October 20, 2015

– Added Microsoft Edge to Open With browsers list
– Fixed some Microsoft Edge issues
– Fixed closing from full screen crash in Mac OS X 10.11
– Fixed proxy issue in Mac OS X 10.11″

Version (PC & Mac)

September 23, 2015

– Fixed HTML in Chrome for recent update
– Fixed some Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite issues
– Added support for proxy with authentication on Mac
– Fixed warnings when loading 8.0 libraries”

Version (PC & Mac)

April 13, 2015

– Fixed Distribute Vertically shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-U)
– Add shortcuts for Editing Modes to the Mac (Ctrl-Alt-1/2/3)
– Fixed some minor loading and generating errors”

Version (PC & Mac)

February 24, 2015

– Axure is now 64 bit on Mac!
– Fixes many memory errors and crashes working with larger files

– Fixed Variables in Preview for Safari and IE9 and below
– Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite fixes (color picker dropper, welcome screen)
– Added no fill option to Repeater and Lightbox Color Selectors
– Fixed Hidden syncing in the Toolbar and Context Menu
– Fixed errors generating Specification
– Fixed arrows moving 2 pixels from the Location and Size editor
– Fixed generating HTML overriding Link colors in specific scenarios
– Fixed errors from passing/creating some invalid AxShare passwords in Axure
– Fixed error importing certain Custom Widget Preview Icons
– Fixed error adding Shadows to Brace and Bracket Shapes with transparent borders
– Fixed Ctrl-Shift-R to right align text on Mac
– Fixed some legacy conversions
– Fixed error loading 4.0 files
– Fixed a crashing error”

Version (PC & Mac)

October 30, 2014

– Fixed certain paths printed to text in Preview
– Fixed multiple legacy errors
– Fixed error Generating Word Documentation with a bad Variable reference
– Fixed error entering bad value into Location and Size editors”

Version (PC & Mac)

September 25, 2014

– Much better memory management on Mac
– Fixed Team Project errors on Mac OS X 10.10
– Update Mac installer signing for Apple updates
– Fixed Sitemap disappearing on some actions
– Fixed generating Flow Diagram on Adaptive Views
– Fixed error importing Style for some Custom Widgets
– Importing appropriate Notes when when adding Custom Widgets
– Fixed problem when Widget Style Font controls start collapsed
– Fixed clicking Fit to Content Dynamic Panels with Unplaced Widget in Safari
– Fixed JS errors, 100% Wide, Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles for Dynamic Panels
– Fixed Repeater Unplacement in Masters across Adaptive Views
– Fixed Date comparisons in Repeater filtering
– Fixed underline for Repeaters and setting Text on blank Widgets
– Fixed undo Page Notes after editing multiple Pages
– Properly invalidating Footnotes on PC on Renumber All Footnotes
– Properly invalidating Dynamic Panels on Mac after Break Away State
– Fixed errors switching to a Dynamic Panel State containing an Image in IE8 ”

Version (PC & Mac)

August 6, 2014

– Optimized JavaScript initialization in IE 8
– Much faster generation for some large files
– Fixed error dragging all Widgets on very large Pages
– Managing memory better when exporting all images for large files

– Edit Footnotes inline
– Added overview help snippets to all Tool Box Panes
– Preserving selection, zoom and scroll across Pages

– Fixed Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite issues
– Fixed Mac “”Sharing Violation”” error after Duplicating Pages
– Fixed scrolling in Chrome Mobile
– Repeater fixes (image refs, page refs, filtering, editing, cases)
– Fixed multiple errors (saving, loading, opening, removing States)
– Fixed Opacity sometimes reverting in Fill Selector
– Fixed check all children in HTML Generate Dialog
– Fixed Always show Case Names option
– Fixed Custom Widget Properties saving
– Fixed Text Link visibility in Unplaced Masters in sub Adaptive Views
– Fixed Repeater visibility in Unplaced Masters
– Fixed an error starting when a recent file is no longer valid
– Fixed selecting Tables copied from Menus
– Fixed static methods for Date in Interactions
– Fixed area of widget Condition for Hidden Widgets
– No longer allowing 0 width/height Images when slicing at zoomed levels
– Widgets with no text no properly read as empty on initial generation
– Fixed un-bolding Widget bolded through Custom Styles
– Fixed MouseDown applying over MouseOver styles
– Fixed removing Text Shadows through Interaction Styles
– Fixed cursor location on mobile devices
– Flow Shapes with Reference Pages highlight with over interactive Widgets
– Fixed bad offsets when pasting Images with right-click
– Fixed setting Dynamic Panel States with numeric names through Interactions
– Fixed new lines on Text Area after editing a Text Field
– Fixed dragging a Widget with OnMouseDown defined
– Fixed Drag on IE”

Version (PC & Mac)

May 27, 2014

– Optimization
– Faster HTML generation
– Speedup in HTML
– Faster Page switching
– Faster Adpative Views switching
– Faster selecting, editing and copying many Widgets
– Faster Widget preview (Widget Manager general speedup)
– Fixed memory leak on Mac

– Added “”Copy formatting from selected Widgets”” in Widget Style Editor
– Added “”Recent Selected”” and “”Recent Pages”” Fills when selecting any Fill/Color
– Added “”Without sitemap”” option for the link after Publish to AxShare
– Ask to auto recover a file if a crash happens after an autosave

– Fixed bug from recent Chrome update
– Fixes to Shadows (pixel perfect rendering, inner, outer, grayscale, text, rotation)
– No longer adding extra white space when exporting to image
– Fixed bad image extensions when generating HTML
– Fixed very slow Wacom scroll panning
– Fixed Interaction highlighting in Repeaters
– Slice, Cut and Crop Images nicely across Adaptive Views
– Importing Global Variable Default Values
– Fixes for Webfonts and Font Mappings
– Fixed crash from Mac Color Selector
– Double clicking a Widget in a group starts the edit immediately
– Fixed printing on Windows 8.1+
– Fixed Spell Check replacement on PC
– Fixed Sketch on sub Adaptive Views
– Mobile fixes (drag, swipe, click, iframe, scrolling on load)
– Repeater fixes (editing, height, multiple column sorting, images on duplicate pages)
– Mac rendering fixes (shadows, rotation, footnotes, clipping)
– Tree fixes (Axure UI, rendering, errors, speedup)
– Menu fixes (Mac multi file syncing issues, PC plain text paste, etc…)
– Specification fixes (applying actions, deleted adaptive views)
– HTML fixes (js errors, repeaters, generating, HTML button, disabled droplists, rendering, IE8)
– Fixes to Interactions
– Can condition off [[This.Text]]
– Fixed OnCheckChanged for Radio Buttons (multiple clicks)”

Version (PC & Mac)

March 13, 2014

– Optimization (lots of general speedup across PC and especially Mac)
– Faster selecting, dragging and copying Widgets
– Faster Page loading
– Faster startup
– Better memory management
– Some generated HTML optimization

– Added Paste as Plain Text (Ctrl-Shift-V or Context Menu)
– Holding Shift now will always maintain aspect ratio (toolbars and dragging)
– Copying and pasting from Adaptive Views keeps current properties
– Can use Item.Repeater.[Prop] to access a Repeater’s properties in Interactions
– Allowing String addition in Interactions
– Allow initializing Droplists from Repeater Data Set
– Allowing spaces in Global Variable Default Values
– Removed Global Variable Value limit in HTML
– Hint Text no longer registers for Text or Length Interactions
– Allow copying from Excel to Repeater Data Set on Mac

– Fixed multiple Repeater issues (tweaking load order to produce desired results more often)
– Fixed clicking on Form Fields in Dynamic Panels with Drag
– Fixed Page Events on Masters
– Fixed Borders and Corner Radius on Set Image Interaction
– Fixed Tooltips on Text Links and conversion
– Fixed milliseconds on Dates in Firefox
– Fixes to Trees in HTML
– Fixed multiple IE8 issues
– Fixed multiple Inline Frame issues (Variables in Target, Adaptive Views, Animation)
– Fixes to Text Fields (Hint, OnTextChanged, Sketchy)
– Fixes to Dynamic Panels (Push/Pull, Adpative Views)”

Version (PC & Mac)

February 3, 2014

– Added help tooltips to Widgets
– Fixed Mac OS X 10.9 bugs
– Fixed Font Mappings applying to Text Fields, Select Lists, etc…
– Maintain Interaction Widget References on Dynamic Panel Break Away First State
– Fixed copying and pasting in Repeater Dataset
– Fixed text style in certain Repeater Item Widgets
– Fixed issue showing Widget that are Unplaced in another Adaptive View
– Fixed converting legacy files to Show Dynamic Panels when setting State
– Month reports [1-12]
– Can change Location and Size of Locked Widget from the Toolbar
– Still fire a OnMove with “”move with”” by 0,0
– Fixed initial Selected and Disabled States on Flow Shapes
– Fixed displaying Tree Widgets in the Interaction Case Editor dialog
– Fixed converting old LineStyle.None Button Shapes
– Fixed Masters for Adaptive Views in Specification
– Allow accented characters in Expressions (Repeater Filtering)
– Fixed errors typing foreign and accented characters

– Fixed multiple IE8 issues (100% Wide, Backgrounds)
– Fixed multiple Repeater issues
– Fixed multiple Dynamic Panel issues (100% Wide, State Background, Push/Pull)
– Fixed text alignment issues
– Fixed numerous smaller issues (UI, typos, errors)
– Fixed some debilitating errors for Mac OS X 10.5 (not fully supported though)”

Version (PC & Mac)

December 17, 2013

Axure RP 7 is now available!


  • Widget events: OnDoubleClick, OnContextMenu (right-click), OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove, OnMouseHover, OnLongClick (Tap and Hold), OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp.
  • Dynamic Panels have mouse and keyboard events.
  • Page events: OnWindowResize, OnWindowScroll and the mouse and keyboard events.
  • Math, string, boolean and date operations. Too many to list here. Think JavaScript.
  • Ability to refer to ‘This Widget’ in various interactions and conditions, i.e. Set text on This or Hide This.
  • Options when showing and hiding widgets to bring to front, treat as flyout, collapse/expand widgets below, and treat as lightbox.
  • Conditions to check if a widget is selected and to evaluate the key that was pressed for keyboard events.
  • All widgets can be hidden, moved, or brought to front (not only panels).


  • Preview opens the current page in the browser and generates pages on-demand.
  • Add web fonts and font mappings.
  • Toolbar for selecting adaptive views, toggling footnotes, highlighting active elements, and searching the sitemap.
  • Variables can be set to default values.
  • HTML5 doctype.


  • Borders render within the dimensions of the widget for accurate dimensions.
  • Add borders, rounded corners, and set opacity on Images.
  • Apply outer, inner, and text shadows.
  • Select typefaces beyond bold and italic.
  • Page background images can be set to Stretch to Cover and Stretch to Contain.


  • Text Fields and Text Areas can have a Hint with Hint Style.
  • Text Field Types: email, number, phone number, url, search.
  • New shapes: paragraph (text panel replacement), H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, heart, plus, star, arrows, speech bubble.
  • Shapes can be set to auto fit height and width of the text in the shape.
  • Shapes and images can be selected by default.
  • Dynamic Panels have an option to fit to content.
  • Dynamic Panel states have background colors and images.
  • Dynamic Panels can be set to 100% wide.
  • Dynamic Panels can trigger the interactions styles on the contained widgets. I.e. MouseOver on the panel makes all widgets inside show their MouseOver style.
  • Ability to crop images.
  • Droplist height can be edited.
  • All widgets can be set hidden by default.


  • Pages in the sitemap and widgets in custom widget libraries can be organized into folders.
  • Sitemap shortcuts for adding pages (ctrl+enter), moving pages (ctrl+arrow / tab / shift+tab), and searching (start typing).
  • Widget Properties and Style pane displays widget properties which previously only existed in the context menu.
  • Widget Manager (replaces the dynamic panel manager) and lists all of the widgets on the page.
  • The main menu and context menus have been reorganized.
  • Double-click resize handles on shapes and panels to fit to the text height / width or content respectively.
  • Reorganized case editor actions
  • Ability to duplicate Dynamic Panel states
  • Undo works after switching away and back to a page
  • Ctrl+tab & ctrl+shift+tab move forward / back in screen history


  • Create a dataset and a diagram that repeats based on the dataset.
  • Use interactions to add, update, and delete items in the dataset.
  • Use interactions to filter, sort, and paginate the Repeater.


  • Define adaptive views based on browser width and/or height.
  • Adaptive views inherit from one another so a change to the location, size, or style of a widget in the parent view affects its children, but a change in the child view does not affect the parent.
  • Editing a widget’s text, interactions, and other widget properties affects the widget in all views. The widget is the same widget across views (not a copy) so you only have to update the property once.
  • The prototype switches views based on the browser size.”