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Quick Start Guide to Designing SAP Fiori UX Apps

You don’t need to be a Fiori expert to start designing your own Fiori UX Apps. Working with Fiori stencils and icons created for use in Axure RP, you can quickly start building by dragging and dropping screens, icons and functional elements onto the canvas in Axure RP.

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Sana Salam on Creating User-Centered Solutions with SAP Fiori

In Italian, the word "fiori" means flower. Three years ago, that’s not a word that would likely spring to mind when thinking about enterprise business applications. SAP, known for creating software that form the digital spine of some of the world’s largest companies, recognized that.

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SAP Releases Fiori Widgets for Axure RP

SAP released a new Fiori widget library for Axure RP and is making the switch from PowerPoint. The change coincided with the release this month of the Fiori Design Guidelines Version 1.28.