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User Stories Wins More Customers with Realistic Axure RP Prototypes

PROS provides AI-driven, cloud-based revenue and price management software used by airlines, large retailers, and more. Learn how the PROS team creates custom-tailored demos with Axure RP to present new capabilities to customers and gather usability feedback, all before development.

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Streamlining Product Design Processes

With its design teams distributed around the globe, Syncron needed a user experience (UX) solution that would make it easy for team members across UX product, sales, and engineering departments to collaborate on projects.

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From Prototyping to Award Winning Apps

We chatted with Nitzan, UXPERT’s CEO and a long-time Axure RP user and UX designer, about UXPERT’s award winning Israel Railways train app, which they prototyped using Axure RP. Here’s what Nitzan had to say about his background as a UX designer and experience building this prototype.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Developers Love Functional Prototypes

Handing off prototyping specs to your dev team is an important part of the design process. We rounded up a few developers to ask them about how prototyping tools, such as Axure RP and Axure Cloud, make their lives easier.

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Customer Story: Rightpoint and Axure

Here at Axure, we strive to make sure our products enable you to create and deliver meaningful solutions. To learn from a real-life example of a team using Axure RP to create realistic prototypes, read more about the case study we recently did with the Rightpoint UX team.

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Kick Off the Summer Season by Reading These 5 UX Articles

Need summer reading ideas? Expand your UX skills, stay on top of the latest prototyping trends, or help pitch your projects to your stakeholders with the 5 most popular UX articles from our social media platforms.

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Prototyping for Work

We chatted with Matan, a Product Manager that recently expanded his skill set to include UX. His project serves as a way to demonstrate his newly learned UX and Axure skills, as he explored new employment opportunities.

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A Few Quick Notes

We chatted with Luke, who is a long-time Axure RP user and UX designer of 10-years about his Axure prototype. His project serves as a tool to help Anglo concertina players learn scales and chords. Learn more about how Luke built his working prototype in Axure RP.

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The Difference Between UX and UI in the Design Process

When it comes to designing and prototyping, the line between UX and UI is often blurred and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. User experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design are both integral parts of the process, and it’s important to recognize their differences and the purpose of each.