Introducing Axure Cloud Organizations

With the latest update to Axure Cloud, you can now create organizations so you and your teammates can keep all of your workspaces and projects under one roof. If you already have an Axure Cloud account, an organization was automatically created for you. You’re ready to add users and set up their roles in your org.

You can see all of the organizations you belong to in the left pane of Axure Cloud. You can be a member of as many organizations as you like, whether they are yours or orgs that you have been invited to.

Creating an Organization

To create an Organization in Axure Cloud, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Create Organization in the left pane
  2. Give the organization a name

After your organization is created, you can invite others right away or at any point after.

Managing Users and Roles

To see and manage the users in an organization, click the Settings icon next to the organization’s name in the left pane and select Users.

To add a user, click the Add Users button on the Users page. When adding new users, you’ll be asked to choose their System Role: Guest, Member, or Admin. Guests only have access to workspaces that they’ve specifically been invited to join. 

Members and admins can view and join any workspace within the organization. This means you no longer have to invite members to each workspace. They can join and leave workspaces on their own. Members and admins can also create their own workspaces within the organization so your team can easily keep all of their projects in a single org.

You can  change a user’s system role any time from the Users page by clicking the dropdown menu in the System Role column.

Axure Cloud for Business has Joinable and Invite-Only Workspaces

Workspaces in Axure Cloud for Business got a time-saving new option. Before this update, workspaces were all Invite-only so every new member of your organization needed to be explicitly invited to each workspace. Now, workspaces can be set to be joinable by any member and when they join, they can either be allowed to edit or view only.

When you create a new workspace or click Invite at the top of a workspace page, Share this Workspace opens and has a new option called Organization Access. You can use the dropdown to specify whether members of the organization can join to view or edit the workspace or if they need to be invited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my team to a single organization?

If you and your teammates have projects in multiple organizations that you’d like to combine into one, you can move the projects from one organization to another.

First, pick which organization will be your main organization (or create a new one) and invite everyone to it, ideally as Members. Then, create new workspaces where projects from the other orgs can be moved. If everyone is a Member, you won’t need to invite everyone to each workspace.

Then, to move projects from one organization to another, follow these steps:

  1. Select the checkboxes next to the projects you want to move (or check all)
  2. Click Move
  3. Pick a workspace in the other organization


How do I rename an organization?

Click the Settings icon next to your organization’s name in the left pane and choose Settings. On the Settings page, click Edit next to the organization name, and enter the new name.


What is the “Shared with me” section?

If you belong to workspaces in another person’s organization, but are only a Guest in their organization, the workspaces will appear in the Shared with me section. You can see the name of the organization when you hover over the workspace. If you belonged to other people’s workspaces before this update, those workspaces will appear here until your role is updated to Member or Admin in their organization.


Do “Favorite Workspaces” still belong to an organization?

Yes. Workspaces in the Favorites Workspaces section still belong to the organization they were favorited from. You can see which organization the workspace belongs to by hovering over the workspace. To add a workspace to your favorites, simply click the star to the right of the workspace.


Why do some workspaces have a lock icon next to them?

If you are using Axure Cloud for Business, workspaces that are set to invite-only will have a lock icon. To join the workspace, reach out to someone in the workspace and ask them to invite you.


We hope this update makes it easier for your team to collaborate and keep your projects in one place. As always, if you need any help or have any feedback, you can contact us at Happy Prototyping!