UX Trends

UX Trends

The Difference Between UX and UI in the Design Process

When it comes to designing and prototyping, the line between UX and UI is frequently blurred. UX and UI design are both integral parts of the product design process, and by understanding their differences, you can make the most of your design and prototyping tools to achieve an effective UX and UI.

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How to Choose the Correct Level of Fidelity for Your Prototype

Users love simple and intuitive products, but the design process required to get there takes considerable thought and judgement. When you’re starting work on a new software product or a new feature, the prototyping stage is a critical step, as it enables you to test product concepts before investing the effort to build them out.

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Best User Testing Platforms for Your Axure RP Prototypes

After building high-fidelity prototypes, user testing is a key next step, and capturing the best information is important. With Axure RP, you can prototype and test like it's the real thing and gather important feedback and data before moving on to development. Here are some user testing tools that integrate well.

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From Prototyping to Award Winning Apps

We chatted with Nitzan, UXPERT’s CEO and a long-time Axure RP user and UX designer, about UXPERT’s award winning Israel Railways train app, which they prototyped using Axure RP. Here’s what Nitzan had to say about his background as a UX designer and experience building this prototype.

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Meet the Axure Support Team

Solving difficult problems can require complex solutions and the use of robust prototyping tools. When prototyping with Axure RP, our dedicated product support team is here to help you quickly navigate through any prototyping challenge you may come across. Learn more!

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5 Tips for Implementing Feedback

In UX and product design, gathering quality feedback from users, stakeholders, and experts is critical to the success of projects, but knowing how to apply feedback productively can be challenging. Here are a 5 tips that can help guide the process of implementing UX feedback

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Wrapping up with the Top Articles of 2022

Throughout the year, we've shared many blog posts with topics ranging from product updates, tips for using Axure RP, and interviews with Axure RP users. To wrap up the year, we’ve decided to highlight some of our blog posts and industry articles we’ve shared on social media that stood out the most!

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Kick Off the Summer Season by Reading These 5 UX Articles

Need summer reading ideas? Expand your UX skills, stay on top of the latest prototyping trends, or help pitch your projects to your stakeholders with the 5 most popular UX articles from our social media platforms.

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Know It All

Your job is to come up with the perfect solution that users will love while taking into account the needs and constraints of sales, marketing, support, design, development, QA, IT, and every other part of the business that has a stake in the product. Oddly enough, getting to the right solution requires proving that you’re NOT a know-it-all.