Embed Axure Prototypes in Confluence

Confluence pages can be a great place to record and distribute high-level project information like requirements, key collaborators, relevant customer research, and more. As a project progresses, prototypes that illustrate that progress are also a great addition to this central source of truth.

Get Axure for Confluence

With the new Axure for Confluence, you can embed Axure Cloud–hosted prototypes directly into your Confluence pages. Embedded prototypes are fully functional and always up-to-date with changes you publish to Axure Cloud.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Install the Axure for Confluence app through the Atlassian Marketplace or your Confluence admin settings.
  2. Start editing a Confluence page, and paste the shareable link for an Axure RP prototype or artboard project directly onto the page. (Alternatively, you can use the Axure for Confluence option in the Insert menu.)
  3. In the modal that appears, set your desired height for the embedded prototype.

Tip: To embed a specific page from the prototype, open that page in your web browser and copy the URL from the navigation bar. The same goes for the prototype panes: If the Comments pane is open when you copy the link, it will be open when you embed the prototype in Confluence!

Once the prototype is embedded, anyone with access to the Confluence page can interact with it and leave feedback right on the prototype.

Use the icons at the top-right of the embedded prototype to expand it or pop it out into another browser tab.

Does your team use Jira as well? Make sure to snag the Axure app for Jira to embed prototypes in Jira tickets!