Import Figma Designs into Axure

Attention Figma users! Install the new Axure plugin for Figma to import your designs from Figma into Axure RP. Now you can take designs and diagrams started in Figma and transform them into rich, interactive prototypes with the power of Axure RP.

You can also export frames from Figma directly to Axure Cloud for easy sharing and handoff. Use Axure Cloud Discussions to gather feedback from your teammates and stakeholders, and extract detailed CSS and layout information with Axure Cloud Inspect.

Copy and Paste from Figma to Axure RP

  1. Install the Axure plugin for Figma.

  2. In Figma, select the elements you want to copy and go to Plugins → Axure → Copy Selection for RP. (You can also copy all assets with the Copy All Frames for RP option.)

  3. In Axure RP, paste the copied assets onto the canvas.

Imported Figma layers are converted to Axure RP widgets, and the structure of the layers is maintained with RP widget groups. This gives you an accurate import while still allowing you to tweak designs on the fly in RP as needed.

Export from Figma to Axure Cloud

  1. Download and install the Axure Cloud desktop app.

  2. Install the Axure plugin for Figma.

  3. In Figma, select the frames you want to publish to Axure Cloud and go to Plugins → Axure → Export selection to Axure Cloud.

  4. Select the workspace and project you want to publish your Figma assets to or select Create New Project in the Project dropdown.

  5. Click Upload to publish your Figma assets.

Once the upload is complete, you’re all set to inspect your designs, turn them into click-through prototypes, and share them with others.

Exporting from Figma to Axure Cloud is free — no Axure RP license needed! To get started, sign up for free at

We hope you’re as excited about this new Figma integration as we are! We’re hard at work on integrations for other tools as well, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on all things Axure.