Import Sketch Designs into Axure RP

Like many of you, we use Sketch here at Axure for visual design and asset production. Getting designs from Sketch into Axure RP for prototyping and delivering specs to developers, however, was taking a few too many steps for our taste. Now with our new Sketch-to-Axure plugin, it’s a snap to import those polished designs into Axure RP, bring them to life with rich interactivity, and add documentation for development.

Importing Sketch Designs into Axure RP

  1. Download and install the Axure plugin for Sketch.
  2. In Sketch, select the elements you want to copy and go to Plugins > Axure > Copy Selection. (Alternatively, you can copy everything with the Copy All Artboards option.)Importing Sketch Designs into Axure RP
  3. In Axure RP, paste the copied assets onto the canvas.

Imported Sketch layers are converted to Axure RP widgets, and the structure of the layers is maintained with RP widget groups. This gives you an accurate import while still allowing you to tweak designs on the fly in RP as needed.

So what do you think? Will this improve the way you work with Sketch and Axure RP? Let us know at