New In Axure RP 9: Building Interactions Inline

Note: The Axure RP 9 beta is now available! See what’s new and download the beta.
Of all the changes we’ve made to Axure RP in version 9, the most dramatic might be the elimination of the Case Editor. In its place is an interaction builder directly accessible from the main screen’s right sidebar. (Or, if you take advantage of version 9’s configurable panes, you can put it wherever you want!) Here’s a quick tour of how to build an interaction using the new interface.
First, select a widget you want to add interactivity to. Then, in the Interactions pane, click the “New Interaction” button to get started.
New In Axure RP 9: Building Interactions Inline
Although the modal dialog of the Case Editor is gone, the process of building an interaction is largely the same: you select an event and add actions to it. To configure a button to link to a page, for example, you’d:

  1. Click “New Interaction”
  2. Choose the “OnClick” event
  3. Choose the “Open Link” action
  4. Select the page you’d like to link to

Each successive step will appear once you’ve made your selection from the previous step, like so:
New In Axure RP 9: Building Interactions Inline
If you’d like to add a second action to the event, click the “+” Insert Action icon at the bottom of your event. (This will take you back to step three, above.)
Cases are hidden in version 9 until you need them. To show cases or add conditional logic, click the double-arrowhead Add Case icon next to the event name. To add more cases, click the Add Case icon again. Your cases will be color-coded automatically for easier differentiation.
New In Axure RP 9: Building Interactions Inline
So, what do you think? Does the new interaction builder simplify your process? We want to hear your thoughts! Please write to us at