Dani Nordin on Transitioning a Team from Comps to Interactive Prototypes

Change is difficult, but not changing is fatal. So goes the anthem for many a business leader looking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Dani Nordin, UX Director at Pegasystems and author of several O’Reilly design books, shares her recent experience in introducing change at one of the world’s most venerable corporate brands, the Harvard Business Review. Her mission: transition a design team from static mockups for large screens to interactive mobile-first prototypes with Axure. Easier said than done, it turns out. In this case study, Dani candidly outlines her missteps and successes, offering hard-won lessons and insights from her experience. read more

Using Widget Styles

Styles in Axure RP are a way to centrally manage the look and feel of pages and widgets across your entire project. Think of it like styles you use in Microsoft Word, or CSS for HTML in code. Using styles can save you a lot of time when updating the visual design of...

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Learn Axure RP 8 Beta: Repeater Updates

This article covers the enhancements to the Repeater in Axure RP 8. The changes are centered around enabling items in a repeater to be different sizes. Hidden widgets no longer affect size In version 8, hidden widgets within an item no longer affect the item’s size....

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Learn Axure RP 8 Beta: Default Library

The Default widget library in the Axure RP 8 Beta has a number of new widgets to speed up your wireframing and make them easier to style. These changes were inspired by watching Sophia Voychehovski of ReWired UX Studio use a widget library she created in version 7 to...

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