Coming in Axure RP 8: The Pen Tool

One way to really improve your workflow in Axure RP is to create custom widget libraries for your team. It saves everyone time, and you get more consistency across projects. Unfortunately, without a way to draw custom shapes, widget libraries tend to fill up with...

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SAP Releases Fiori Widgets for Axure RP

SAP released a new Fiori widget library for Axure RP and is making the switch from PowerPoint. The change coincided with the release this month of the Fiori Design Guidelines Version 1.28. For those unfamiliar with Fiori, it is a set of user experience design...

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Axure RP 8 Beta: Coming This Summer

We’ve been hard at work developing Version 8 of Axure RP. I think it’s going to be an important release for existing customers as well as people new to Axure. We’re eager to see you take advantage of the improvements so we’re going to make it a free update for...

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The Axure Share App for iOS and Android is Here

Many of our customers have asked for a way to view Axure RP prototypes on mobile devices without an Internet connection. Today, we’re releasing the AxShare App for iOS and Android so you can do offline demos and usability testing on your devices. With the new AxShare...

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