A Nicer Way to Make Forms

These new updates are only available in Axure RP 10. Download the latest version here!

One of the things customers tell us they love about Axure RP is the ability to prototype realistic, dynamic forms. Working text fields and droplists, conditional logic, variables, and powerful interactions have been the building blocks for designing great form experiences for years.

With Axure RP 10, we wanted to make it easier to layout forms and simplify the interactions that make them dynamic in your UX prototypes. We’ve added a new error style effect, built-in common conditions, and improved push/pull and move options. There is also an updated form component library that takes advantage of new resizing constraints and has a variety of common form pattern templates to choose from.

Here are some highlights:

  • New Error style effect and “Set Error State” action for form fields 
  • Common conditions like “if field is empty” and “if field contains @”
  • New Resizing Constraints so resizing forms (or any grouped widgets) keeps everything in place
  • New push/pull and move options that help when hiding or showing parts of a form
  • Ability to trigger interactions when a widget is set to an error state 
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons can be set to fit to text
  • Option to toggle between the enabled and disabled state of a widget with a single interaction 

We hope these changes to forms help you create realistic UX prototypes and get valuable feedback! Download Axure RP 10 at axure.com.