Smarter Features, Faster Prototyping in Axure RP 10

Here at Axure, we’re continually working to create new features and enhance your prototyping experience. Some of our latest new features in Axure RP 10 include smart duplication and smart distance snapping. With these new features and enhancements, prototyping in RP is now faster than ever.

Smart Duplication

When duplicating a widget using CTRL/CMD + D or CTRL/OPT + Drag Selection keyboard shortcuts, Axure RP will remember the distance you moved the duplicate widget from the original. As shown below, any subsequent duplications after that will place the selected widget the same distance until the widget is deselected. This will save you time and effort, as you won’t have to manually calculate the equal distance between widgets and adjust their spacing.

Smart Distance Snapping

Similar to the above feature, the new enhancements to widget snapping will make placing new widgets at equal distance even easier. How this works is that when moving widgets on the canvas, they will now snap to position when existing widgets are already equal in distance. With both of these new features, equally spacing widgets is an automatic and seamless process.

 If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Axure RP 10, head over to As always, if you need any help or want to submit feedback, you can contact us at Happy Prototyping!