What’s New in Axure RP & Axure Cloud – November 2023

With new features and improvements such as global variable search functionality, on-demand generation, and new keyboard shortcuts, these new updates to Axure RP and Axure Cloud will improve your prototyping and publishing experience. 


Axure RP

  • New ability to search for variables when configuring a Set Variable Value action

    If your prototypes have numerous global variables, making sure to choose the right variable is key when building an interaction with a Set Variable Value action. Now, in the latest build of Axure RP 10, you can type the name of the variable into the new search bar under the Choose Variable dropdown list.

  • Global Variable Dialog Updates:

    In addition to the ability to search for a variable when targeting one in an interaction, we’ve made some updates to the Global Variables dialog, so that locating, rearranging, and editing your global variables is easier than ever. To access the Global Variables dialog, go to Project > Global Variables in the top menu bar.

  • Search for global variables in the Global Variables dialog.

  • Multi-select variables and drag to reorder.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts and right-click menu to duplicate (Cmd/Ctrl + D), move up/down (Cmd/Ctrl + Arrow key), and delete (Delete key).


Axure Cloud

  • On demand generation – project viewing options for team projects.

    • With Default Viewing, users can view individual pages as soon as they’re ready, regardless of whether other pages are still generating. Project pages start generating when the Share Link is accessed, with the first-viewed page initiating the project’s generation, followed by the rest.

    • With Legacy Viewing, users can view the Share Link only after all project pages have finished generating, and the generation process begins after publishing.


Don’t forget that you can download the latest version of Axure RP, view update notes, the latest bug fixes, and more at axure.com/release-history. We hope you enjoy these latest updates to Axure RP and Axure Cloud. You can also sign up for our newsletter here to receive the latest updates, Axure tips & tricks, and more.