Making it Easier for Developers to Inspect in Jira, Confluence, and the Share Link

Developer handoff is a critical step in turning prototypes and designs into real products and features. To make that process more streamlined, you and your team can now Inspect your prototypes to view fonts, colors, and other CSS properties directly from a project’s public share link.

This enhancement makes Inspect  available in projects that are embedded in Jira and Confluence, making collaboration between teams even easier.

You can use this feature by selecting the Inspect tab at the top of the prototype when viewing it from the public share link in a web browser, or when viewing it within a Jira ticket or Confluence page. Developers, stakeholders, and other collaborators don’t need to sign in to access the Inspect tab, and they can also add comments and get notifications as well.

We hope being able to inspect prototypes without signing in streamlines handoff and makes your developers happier! To try this out today, download Axure RP 10 at, and to provide feedback, head over to