Announcing The Axure Training Library

We’ve created a new way for you to learn the ins and outs of Axure RP. It’s a downloadable set of design patterns that comes with instructions for how you can build each from scratch. We’re calling it the Axure Training Library. It comes with 27 widgets -- including a...

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Axure Share Now Has Screenshots & Notifications

[embed][/embed] We recently released a couple features I’ve been working on for AxShare. You now have the ability to add screenshots to discussions as well as get email notifications when someone adds a topic or comment to one of your...

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Axure is Now Free for Students

Between student loans, textbooks, and a parking pass - the average college student probably isn’t looking to splurge on a shiny new piece of software. But with more and more employers asking for Axure experience, we think that every student should have the opportunity...

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