PROS Wins More Customers with Realistic Axure RP Prototypes

PROS provides AI-driven, cloud-based revenue and price management software used by airlines, large retailers, and more. Learn how the PROS team creates custom-tailored demos with Axure RP to present new capabilities to customers and gather usability feedback, all before development.

The Challenge

PROS provides AI-driven, cloud-based software that sits at the center of every customer offer, enabling businesses to define, implement, and optimize their selling efforts.  Every year, PROS uses real-time AI to power over 3 trillion commercial offers across dozens of industries. A key formula for PROS winning business has been to show customers their software, but this often happened later in the sales cycle, involving customization of the software demo for the customer’s specific industry. The point of this customization was to help potential customers better understand the tremendous value an AI solution could have on their business. It was clear that the earlier a prospect experienced this magical “a-ha” moment, the easier it would be for them to understand the value and become a customer.

The Solution

As it turned out, the UX solution PROS needed was already in house. The company’s product design team had been using Axure RP for 10 years, so they began to explore the platform’s possibilities for creating compelling sales demos.

PROS UX designer Katrina Cherk used Axure RP to create a prototype sales demo that showcased the platform’s custom text, rich text, and calculation functionality. The demo went far beyond the company’s previous interactive website capabilities by providing prospects with a self-guided tour of the PROS platform customized for their industry. Soon, this demo became a key step in helping prospects accelerate their buying journey.

“I use Axure RP every day. I don’t know of any other tool that has the same interactive design capabilities in terms of making things look and feel so close to the real environment. We use our prototypes to do very detailed usability testing with users who often don’t even realize that they’re only using a demo.” – Katrina Cherk, UX Designer II PROS

PROS was able to use Axure RP to help with:

  1. Supercharging Sales Teams
    PROS sales reps and the company’s customer support team used to invest significant effort in quickly creating software demos for potential clients. With Axure prototypes, the company has increased the usability and accessibility of its demos. When PROS recently created a demo for a new product, 67 users showcased it in 259 sessions.
  2. Expanding Testing Capabilities
    PROS uses Axure to generate robust interactions during usability testing, ranging from low-fidelity testing to the most sophisticated high-fidelity use cases. “I think Axure excels when there are lots of calculations and customizations that need to be performed,” reports Cherk. “For complex prototypes in enterprise business use cases with complex interactions, I haven’t found a tool that can match these capabilities.”
  3. Keeping Prototypes Secure
    PROS sales reps access Axure through a secure single sign-on. They can tailor a prototype to a particular industry or company by filling out a few fields rather than changing text in dozens of text boxes as they did in static tools or a more involved configuration of the actual product. Once the sales rep clicks Generate, the demo is populated with custom data. Sales reps can bookmark the demo for future use and there’s no danger of accidentally editing or erasing someone else’s work.

“We were recently working on a project and reached out to the Axure support team with a question. They got back to us right away and showed us that something we had assumed was impossible was in fact possible on the platform. We’re very impressed by the quick and helpful answers Axure always gives us.” – Ravi Singh, Vice President of User Experience and Design, PROS

To view PROS’ entire case study, download it here. As always, to submit any feedback, you can contact us at Happy Prototyping!