5 Tips to Speed Up Your Prototype Builds in Axure RP

Every month, we send our newsletter subscribers helpful tips and tricks for using Axure RP and Axure Cloud. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced Axure user, here are five of our favorite tips and tricks that you should know:


Tip 1: Save Time by Customizing the Main Toolbar

You can customize the Main Toolbar of RP to show/hide icons that are most useful for you and your workflow. You can edit the toolbar by going to View > Toolbars > Customize Main Toolbar (or by right-clicking an empty area of the Main Toolbar).


Tip 2: Switch to Low-Fidelity Mode With the Click of a Button

A page’s visual fidelity setting allows you to easily toggle a design between normal and low fidelity. Setting a page to low fidelity will render everything in grayscale and display all fonts as the Axure Handwriting font. This can be especially useful when building wireframes, or when you want stakeholders to focus on a page’s layout, interactions, and overall UX, rather than its visual design.


Tip 3: Select “This widget” in Interactions to Easily Copy and Paste the Same Functionality Across Widgets

Need to create multiple widgets that hide when clicked? Or panels that switch to their next state when swiped? Selecting This widget from the target dropdown when creating an interaction makes it easy to copy and paste the same interaction across widgets while ensuring that each individual widget is the target of its own interaction.



Tip 4: Use the Error Style Effect with Conditional Logic to Quickly Build Working Forms 

Error style effects in RP 10 help you demonstrate what happens when a form is not completed correctly. For example, add an error style effect that sets a password text field’s line color to red. Then when creating an incorrect login case, add a Set Error State action on the text field if the login credentials entered are incorrect.





Tip 5: Dynamically Generate Text Made Easy With Expressions 

Use expressions to dynamically generate text and numeric values on your widgets. Any field that has an ƒx icon next to it can be used to add expressions. 

Text wrapped in double brackets [[ ]] will be interpreted as an expression in the prototype. For example, you can get the day of the week with [[Now.getDayOfWeek()]] or generate a random number with [[Math.random()]].




For more Tips and Tricks subscribe to our newsletter or visit our documentation site at docs.axure.com. Also, if you have tips of your own that you’d like to share, email us at PR@axure.com. Happy prototyping!