Troubleshooting Tips from Your Axure Support Team

When working with complex software tools, having access to a good support team is sometimes a must. The Axure support team, with an industry-leading CSAT score average of over 95%, is here to help you resolve any issues you may have and help you navigate through prototyping complexities. In addition to emailing them whenever you need a helping hand, we wanted to share with you some of their favorite troubleshooting steps and tips that our team commonly provides to Axure users.


1. How to access your back-up files

In the rare event that RP crashes on your computer, you can access your backup files to restore unsaved work. To do so, go to File → Recover File from Backup. In the dialog that opens, you’ll see a list of the most recently saved backups, and you can specify the number of days of backups you’d like to access.

From there, double-click one of the backup copies from the list to recover it. You’ll be prompted to save the file to your computer before you can open it. We recommend that you save the recovered files with a new file name to avoid overwriting your most recently saved file.

Tip: By default, Axure RP saves a backup copy of any open RP file every 15 minutes. You can adjust your backup intervals in the preferences settings by going to File → Backup Settings.


2. How to get a new local copy of your team project

Technical issues with team projects are rare, and most can be resolved by getting a new local copy of the project. To get a new local copy, follow these quick steps:

Open your current local copy of the team project and go to File → Export Team Project to File, to create a standalone .rp file from the local copy. Then, go to Team → Get and Open Team Project to get a new local copy of the team project. Lastly, with your new local copy open, use the File → Import from RP File wizard to import any changes from the backup file you created in Step 1. Then check in the changes.



“Axure, as a company, has always seemed to be very responsive to their customers’ needs or requests” -Ravi, VP of UX,  PROS.


3. How to perform an unsafe checkout or steal a checkout

When working with team projects, sometimes another teammate may have accidentally left a page or component checked out to themselves, even after successfully sending in their changes. 

If they can’t check in before you need to edit that page, you can perform an unsafe checkout by selecting Edit w/o Check Out from the Unable to Check Out dialog.  Then, you can steal the checkout by making a change to the page, checking in, and selecting Steal Check Out in the dialog that appears in order to regain control of the page or component.



Additional note: since team projects are on a local copy basis and not a user account basis, you may see that a page or component is checked out to yourself. This can happen if you use multiple computers to work on your Axure RP projects, for instance. If that does happen and you can’t access your other computer to check the page or component back in, follow the same process described above.


4. How to troubleshoot connection issues

There are a number of actions in Axure RP that require a connection to the Axure Cloud servers, and if there’s an issue with that connection, you’ll see an unable to connect error message. 

This could be caused by something as straightforward as an interruption in your internet connection. It can be caused by a network security mechanism such as a proxy or firewall blocking Axure RP or the domains it’s trying to access, which your IT team may need to assist with as well.  If you’re facing connection issues, try the steps in our troubleshooting guide, and then reach out to our team if you still need help.


“I’ve definitely felt like customer service is a big factor for Axure. Very accommodating. Very helpful.” – Andrew, UX Director, Syncron


5. How to locate your error logs

For more serious but rare issues like crashing or being unable to publish, it can be helpful for our team to see your error logs. To locate your logs, follow these steps depending on your OS:

Mac: In the Finder menu bar at the top of your screen, follow the menu path: Go > Go to Folder, and paste in the file path listed below into the dialog:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-10-0/


Windows: Paste the below file path into the File Explorer:


Note: you do not need to change %USERNAME% in the file path to your personal username, and can keep that part of the file path as is.

Following those steps will take you to your logs folder, where you can search for recent error logs, or you can compress your logs folder to send a zipped copy to our support team if needed.


We hope these troubleshooting tips and quick fixes help you get a jumpstart on solving any issue you may come across when using Axure RP or Axure Cloud. As always, you can contact our team of experts anytime at You can also sign up for our newsletter here to receive the latest updates, Axure tips & tricks, and more. Happy prototyping!