5 Quick Tips for Building Interactions in Axure RP

In Axure RP, interactions are the cornerstone of creating rich and realistic prototypes. Here are some of the most popular tips & tricks for interactions that will help you save time and become a pro at building interactive prototypes.


Tip 1: Quickly Add Open Link Interactions

You may already be familiar with the single key shortcutX” to quickly add an interaction. But did you know that you can use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + K to quickly add an Open Link interaction? This is especially helpful if the selected widget already contains a URL, since it will prefill the text link field.



Tip 2: Search to Set Actions

Save time by searching for the name of an action from the dropdown list when building an interaction. For example, if you have a Click or Tap event and want to quickly set a Hide action, you can search for “Hide” in the search bar, and the Show/Hide option will automatically be selected in the Interaction editor.


Tip 3: Use the Error Style Effect with Conditional Logic to Build Working Forms

Error style effects in RP 10 help you demonstrate what happens when a form is not completed correctly. For example, add an error style effect that sets a password text field’s line color to red. Then, add an action to set the error state on the field if it has less than eight characters on the Lost Focus event.


Tip 4: Use “Target” in Interaction Expressions

Expressions allow you to dynamically generate text and numeric values through interactions in your prototypes. The “Target” keyword can be used in expressions to access properties of the widget being targeted by an interaction, such as if you want to add a Click interaction on Button A to double the height of Rectangle B.

Bonus Tip: You can also use “Target” to access other properties such as the target’s location, [[Target.x]] and [[Target.y]], or even the text inside of the target widget [[Target.text]].




Tip 5: Filter Outline Pane for Widgets with Interactions

You can filter the Outline pane for widgets with interactions by clicking the Filter icon and choosing the “Has Interactions” option. When selecting this filter, you’ll be able to focus on all widgets with interactions on the pages of your project, making it quick and easy to see which widgets you’ve already added interactions to.



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