Know It All

By: Victor, Co-Founder at Axure

Your job is to come up with the perfect solution that users will love while taking into account the needs and constraints of sales, marketing, support, design, development, QA, IT, and every other part of the business that has a stake in the product. Ahem… and if you don’t know exactly what each team wants, feel free to set up an hour to interview them.

If this sounds like your job, first, congratulations. Your manager believes you are superhuman! Second, I’m sorry. It’s not easy to live up to an expectation that you know it all and will make all the right decisions.

Fortunately for us regular humans, there’s another way to get to the right solution. Instead of independently representing the user and every department in the company, you can engage them during analysis and design. Gather information. Listen to feedback. Get validation.

Oddly enough, getting to the right solution requires proving that you’re NOT a know-it-all. Show them multiple options. Present prototypes without the visual polish. Prove that you’re not just trying to get them to say “Yes” and you’ll get real, honest, valuable input that just might make you look superhuman.