A Look Back at the Top UX Articles of 2023

2023 has been another exciting year, both at Axure and in the UX industry as a whole. From product feature updates, to the broad topic of AI and how it’ll impact UX design, we’ve shared a variety of UX articles on social media and blog articles covering the latest Axure news. Here’s a look at the top articles from this year that readers engaged with the most.


1. UX Strategy: Study Guide

Good UX requires good strategy. A UX strategy is a plan of actions designed to reach an improved future state of the organization’s user experience over an established period of time. The three primary components that make up a UX strategy are vision, goals, and a plan. To dive deeper into each of these components of a UX strategy, check out the full study guide from NNG here.


2. From Prototyping to Award Winning Apps

We chatted with Nitzan, UXPERT’s CEO and a long-time Axure RP user and UX designer, about UXPERT’s award-winning Israel Railways train app, which they prototyped using Axure RP. The success of UXPERT’s prototype is evident by its user-friendly design, seamless interactions, and capturing animations. Check out the full blog post to see what Nitzan had to say about his background as a UX designer and experience building this prototype.


3. Developing UX/AI thinking for a new design world

“Similar to establishing a foundational model in AI, there is a foundational model in design.”

The intersection of user experience and artificial intelligence is reshaping how we approach design. To learn more about developing UX/AI thinking for the evolving design landscape, read the full article by Darren Yeo here.


4. List of UX metrics

“By measuring outcome metrics, businesses can quantify the impact of UX improvements and ensure that UX investments are aligned with business goals.”

Using metrics in UX is a critical part of measuring how well users like and use your products. Check out this article by Alex Szczurek for a list of UX metrics and how you can use them to make data driven decisions.


5. Best User Testing Platforms for Your Axure RP Prototypes

After building high-fidelity prototypes, user testing is a key next step, and capturing the best information is important. With Axure RP, you can prototype and test like it’s the real thing and gather important feedback and data before moving on to development. To make the testing process as seamless as possible, we highlighted some user testing tools that integrate well with Axure RP. Check out the full blog post to learn more.


6. Designing Together: Inclusive Design for Teams, Not Just Users

“While it’s true that UX designers possess specialized skills and expertise, the reality is that individuals from all walks of life can contribute to the design process.”

In UX and product design, it’s not solely UX designs who can add creating input. Read the full article by Irisi Tole to discover how embracing an ‘everyone as a designer’ mindset can empower individuals from all backgrounds and teams to shape innovative solutions. 


We hope you enjoy these articles and the many others we’ve shared and published. As we ring in the new year in 2024, we’ll continue sharing exciting new UX-related articles. To stay up to date with our latest finds, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.