Take Your Prototypes to the Next Level with Math Expressions

In UX and product design, the ability to create functional and realistic prototypes is an important part of the design process. With Axure RP, features like working forms, dynamic panels, and repeaters, all help to make your prototypes more realistic. However, you can also enhance your prototypes even more and take them to the next level by taking advantage of math expressions.

By using mathematical expressions in Axure RP, you can create more dynamic and interactive prototypes that can respond to user input and you can dynamically generate text and numeric values based on calculations. For instance, you can do things like calculate the purchase total for a shopping cart in a check-out form, dynamically set text, or display the current date or time.


The great part about using expressions in Axure RP is that they’re easy to add when building an interaction, and the possibilities are endless. To include an expression in one of your interactions, simply write your desired math expression into any field that has an fx icon next to it, such as the Value field that is common in many interactions.


When formatting a math expression, all you have to do is ensure that the formula is contained within the double brackets [[ ]]. This is handy because it also allows you to add text outside of the brackets which will not affect the calculation, and will ensure that the text will appear as written. For example, if you set the text on a widget to Your total is $[[ 5.50 + 2.99 ]], the widget’s text will read Your total is $8.49 in the web browser.

Overall, using math expressions in Axure RP is a great way to create more dynamic and interactive prototypes, and provide realism that will benefit you throughout the journey of your designs and projects. We hope this article helps and inspires you to take your prototypes to the next level!

As always, if you need any help or want to submit feedback, you can contact us at support@axure.com. Happy Prototyping!