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5 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Axure RP 8 to Axure RP 10

Making the transition from one software version to another is never easy. But with these 5 tips, the transition from RP 8 to RP 10 will be smooth sailing, and you'll be on your way to prototyping with the most powerful edition of Axure RP yet!

Axure RP 10 Tips and Tricks

Tips for Quickly Prototyping Forms in RP 10

With Axure RP 10's new Sample Forms Library, you can rapidly explore options for the functionality and layout of forms, helping your team choose the best approach to pursue. Combine this with the low fidelity setting to truly get a feel for functionality before considering the visual design. Learn more about how these features can help streamline the prototyping process!

Axure Cloud Best Practices Tips and Tricks

Publishing Prototypes for Multiple Audiences

Did you know that you can publish an RP file to multiple Axure Cloud links? This can be helpful when you want to maintain different versions of a prototype for different audiences, such as your design team, your developers, and your stakeholders.

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Get the Most out of Team Projects

Axure RP's team projects feature is what separates the middle-tier Team Edition from the Pro Edition. If you have the Team Edition—or the top-tier Enterprise Edition, which also includes the team projects feature—are you getting the most out of your team projects? Read on for some superuser tips.

Best Practices Tips and Tricks

The Approachable Guide to Prototyping for Accessibility with Axure RP

This guide pulls together a number of accessibility issues worthy of your consideration as you develop your next Axure RP prototype, along with some simple steps you can take in the tool to pilot your project toward an outcome that's more friendly for all types of people to consume.

Tips and Tricks

Enhance Your Widget Libraries with Custom Widget Icons, Tooltips, and More

Recently on the blog we've been talking about widget libraries: how to download and use libraries built by other people and how to make your own widget libraries using Axure RP.

Community Tips and Tricks

Quick Start Guide to Designing SAP Fiori UX Apps

You don’t need to be a Fiori expert to start designing your own Fiori UX Apps. Working with Fiori stencils and icons created for use in Axure RP, you can quickly start building by dragging and dropping screens, icons and functional elements onto the canvas in Axure RP.

Community Tips and Tricks

Six Ways to Use Axure in SAP Fiori Projects

Sana Salam, founder of Sodales Solutions, shared how her firm uses Axure RP to design Fiori products for her enterprise clients in an article on the SAP Community Network.

Community Tips and Tricks

AxureWorld, Automated Mobile Menus, UX Map & Mobile Prototyping

If you missed this year’s AxureWorld Event on Nov. 20, not to worry. Ezra Schwartz, AxureWorld’s founder and organizer, has published videos of the presentations on the conference site.