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Axure RP Tips and Tricks

Quick Tip for Prototyping Interactions

When prototyping, finding time-saving tricks is a must. One simple and easy trick you should try out if you haven’t yet is copying and pasting interactions, which will help make your prototyping process quicker and smoother than ever.

Axure RP Tips and Tricks

Explore Axure RP with the Prototyping Basics File

To help you begin mastering the ins and outs of using Axure RP, we created the Prototyping Basics file. If you like to jump in and learn by doing hands-on exercises, then this is the perfect starting point for you.

Axure RP What's New

Quick Solutions with the Quick Win Template

When prototyping and designing sometimes you just need to make a few changes to an existing design and quickly validate new solutions. To speed up that process, use the new Quick Win template in Axure RP 10.

User Stories

Customer Story: Rightpoint and Axure

Here at Axure, we strive to make sure our products enable you to create and deliver meaningful solutions. To learn from a real-life example of a team using Axure RP to create realistic prototypes, read more about the case study we recently did with the Rightpoint UX team.

Axure RP What's New

Save Time with New Paste to Replace Feature in Axure RP 10

In Axure RP 10, we just unveiled the new paste to replace feature, allowing you to replace widgets with new ones you have copied on your clipboard, and still maintain your existing interactions. This will help you speed up your prototyping process and limit the amount of rework needed when copying and pasting.

Axure RP What's New

Get a Head Start with the Prototype Starter Template

When it comes to prototyping, starting from a blank canvas can be a daunting task. To dig deeper into the Prototype Starter template, we talked with one of our product managers, Justin, to discuss how it can help you get the ball rolling on your next prototype.

Axure Cloud Axure RP Tips and Tricks

5 Ways to Improve Developer Handoff with Axure RP

The initial developer handoff sets the stage for production and can either lead to an efficient release or a frustrating, time-consuming series of sprints. Here are some ways to ensure that your projects are the efficient kind.

Axure RP What's New

Making the Most of the UX Prototyping Template

If you’re looking for inspiration, or even just a good starting point on your next prototype, then using a template such as our new UX Prototyping template, may be the perfect solution for you. read more for a first-hand account from Axure product manager, Frankie!

Axure RP Tips and Tricks

Enhance Your Prototypes with Conditional Flows

Prototyping is all about finding the right solution. Testing different scenarios and validating different flows. Condition Flows in Axure RP are some of the most powerful ways to demonstrate multiple flows or sequences to your stakeholders and users who undergo testing, so that you can collect even better feedback.