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During the development of Axure RP 9, we reexamined the tool's workflows for mobile design and presentation and found a number of opportunities for improvement. We think the new mobile prototyping experience is a big step forward.

Configurable environment panes are here in Axure RP 9. Are you a single-key shortcut wizard who feels right at home in Sketch and doesn't need the Pages, Libraries, Interactions, or Notes panes? Feel free to pare down your Axure UI to just the Outline and Style panes for maximum speed and minimum clutter. Are you finding it inconvenient to switch back and forth between your interactions, styles, and notes? Display all three in a row and edit widgets like a pro.

"Hide from View" lets you completely hide any dynamic panel, master, or widget group on the canvas so that you can interact with the rest of the design as though the hidden element weren't there. This allows for easy access to widgets sitting behind the hidden element, and the element will still appear in the web browser as normal.

Publishing to Axure Share is a handy way to share the HTML output of your Axure RP prototypes with your teammates and stakeholders. You click the "Share" button in Axure RP, hit "Publish", and get back a shareable link to the prototype. Bing, bang, boom!

Axure RP's team projects feature is what separates the middle-tier Team Edition from the Pro Edition. If you have the Team Edition—or the top-tier Enterprise Edition, which also includes the team projects feature—are you getting the most out of your team projects? Read on for some superuser tips.

There's something so satisfying about a fun and playful one-page website. And these days, the feelings of playfulness and engagement produced by a good one-pager are often enhanced using scroll effects—special movement or visibility behaviors that happen as a reaction to you, the visitor, scrolling down the page. Scroll effects are easy to achieve in Axure RP using the conditional logic feature.

After our Slack and HipChat Axure Share integrations launched last year, more than a few of you got hold of us to request that we consider a similar tie-in for Microsoft Teams. Today, we're happy to announce its debut! Head over to our Microsoft Teams Connector support page for details on how to get it set up.

Did you know that Axure RP makes it easy to store user-entered data and then reuse it across widgets and pages in your prototype? There are actually several good ways to do this, but one sure-fire technique is to use a variable.

Welcome back to The Blank Page, a blog series where we explore ways to kick the blank page blues. In the past we've explored cutting up a screenshot and throwing together a quick static wireframe. Today I'll be showcasing a powerful and, in my opinion, underutilized method for getting your project started in Axure RP: the auto-generated flow diagram.