Meet the Axure Support Team

Solving difficult problems can require complex solutions and the use of robust prototyping tools. When prototyping with Axure RP, our dedicated product support team is here to help you quickly navigate through prototyping challenges or any issues you might come across so that you can build your UX prototypes. From prototyping working musical instruments to demos for customers, our team has seen prototypes that come in all sizes and fidelities.

Axure’s support team handles a wide variety of customer inquiries, ranging from helping users with activating Axure RP, to walking through complex features like global variables or repeaters, or helping users with sophisticated prototypes pinpoint why one of their interactions may not be working. 

Helping others is always important and being there to support users in need is such a great thing. Good customer service really provides users with peace of mind and is a great way to accelerate and improve their experience.”  – Ben, Product Support Specialist


Our support team also often helps with technical troubleshooting as well. When asked about an issue that they commonly help user’s solve, one support specialist mentioned when users have trouble connecting to Axure Cloud: 

“When users are not able to generate a project, there can be different scenarios for this. Sometimes it’s because they cannot connect to Axure Cloud. In this case, I would refer to our support documentation about troubleshooting connection issues.  – Adil, Product Support Specialist

Good communication between our support team and the product team is also an essential part of our ability to continually release product improvements and feature updates. 


The support team’s role besides problem solving is to be the liaison between the customers and the rest of the company; this position allows support to gather resources and information to resolve customer issues, while simultaneously gathering and escalating feedback from customers to the respective internal teams so that they can be actioned.” – Alyssa, Product Support Manager

Overall, providing good customer support is an essential component of providing a positive user experience that Axure values greatly. If you ever run into any issues or need assistance when prototyping in Axure RP, you can contact our team of experts anytime at Happy prototyping!