Host Your Widget Libraries on Axure Share

Axure's widget libraries are great for keeping frequently-used design patterns close at hand. But what if you'd like to share access to your libraries with another Axure RP author, or even co-author the library itself? That's where Axure Share comes in. Yes, it's for...

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Shape Transforms

I've never been much of a draftsperson. Precise linework isn't really my area of expertise. More of a tracing guy, really. All of which is why I love shape transforms, which were introduced in Axure RP 8 but continue to be a lesser-known feature. When it comes to...

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Create Data-Driven Prototypes with the Repeater Widget

When you're building high-interaction-fidelity prototypes, the repeater widget can be an invaluable ally. Designed to display a repeating pattern of widgets driven by a set of data that you provide, the repeater is just the widget to reach for when you need to quickly populate a dynamic table, product listing, search results page, or any other design pattern that requires a lot of repetition. read more