Mobile Screen Transitions

Axure RP offers a lot of power and versatility when it comes to building animated mobile app transitions. To demonstrate this point, I recently got together with our head product designer, Robert Gourley, to build out a tidy little example file showcasing a pretty cool mobile screen transition. read more

New-in-8 Flowcharting Features

Axure RP's core flowcharting capabilities have been a part of the tool for a long time, but we added some additional flow features in version 8. Lots more widget types can now be used as flow objects: shapes, images, and even the new-in-8 snapshot widget. 1. Connector...

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The Axure Customer Portal, September 2016 Edition

Our visual and UX design refresh of the Axure customer portal is now live! We recently released a fairly comprehensive redesign of the Axure Customer Portal. Many of our customers—even regular users of Axure RP—may not frequently get into the portal; in the past it's...

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