Mobile Screen Transitions Pt. 2

For this segment in our Mobile Screen Transitions series, I want to show how easy it is in Axure RP to spice up the standard slide transition animation. What I'm calling a "staggered slide" is really just a set of simple slide animations with small waiting periods between them. This is easy to do in Axure RP, where each design element in your prototype can be called on by name to be the target of an action.

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Happy Holidays from Axure

Click the snow globe to give it a shake! Here's a little something we made for y'all to commemorate the 2016 holiday season. Download the .rp file to make it your own! Have a great rest of your year. We'll be back in 2017 with exciting updates to the blog and to Axure...

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Agility is Mutual Respect

(This article is adapted from a talk I gave in September 2016 at UC San Diego, organized by San Diego Experience Design. I shared another portion of the talk last month.) Does Axure practice Agile software development? The short answer: yes and no. For the long...

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Mobile Screen Transitions

Axure RP offers a lot of power and versatility when it comes to building animated mobile app transitions. To demonstrate this point, I recently got together with our head product designer, Robert Gourley, to build out a tidy little example file showcasing a pretty cool mobile screen transition. read more

New-in-8 Flowcharting Features

Axure RP's core flowcharting capabilities have been a part of the tool for a long time, but we added some additional flow features in version 8. Lots more widget types can now be used as flow objects: shapes, images, and even the new-in-8 snapshot widget. 1. Connector...

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