The Blank Page: Shoot From the Hip

If you're fearing the blank page in Axure RP, why not just start dragging things onto the canvas and see what sticks? Even a ten-minute static wireframe demonstrating your early ideas can get a conversation started and get you on the road to consensus with stakeholders. read more

Easy Form Validation with Conditions

For as long as Axure RP has had the conditions feature, it's been included in the "advanced" section of our training guide. And it's true that conditions are usually a must-have feature if you're building a prototype with a high level of interactive fidelity. But the conditions feature itself isn't inherently complex, and one or two well-placed conditional statements can really punch up the interactivity of your design without sacrificing its elegance. We'll be looking at a few scenarios like this in our new blog series, Easy Conditions. First up: form validation. read more