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Axure Cloud Tips and Tricks

Move Your Team to a Single Axure Cloud Organization in 3 Easy Steps

Orgs were introduced to you and your teammates can keep all of your workspaces and projects under one roof. If you and your team find that you have too many organizations belonging to various people, you can consolidate them to help keep all of your projects and workspaces organized, accessible, and secure. Read more!

UX Trends

A Look Back at the Top UX Articles of 2023

2023 has been another exciting year, both at Axure and in the UX industry as a whole. From product feature updates, to the broad topic of AI and how it’ll impact UX design, we’ve shared a variety of UX articles on social media and blog articles covering the latest Axure news. Here’s a look at the top articles that readers engaged with the most.

Axure Cloud Axure RP What's New

What’s New in Axure RP & Axure Cloud – November 2023

With new features and improvements such as global variable search functionality, on-demand generation, and new keyboard shortcuts, these new updates to Axure RP and Axure Cloud will improve your prototyping and publishing experience. 

Axure RP Tips and Tricks

Diagram with Axure RP to Build Better Solutions

Whether you’re creating a user journey map or outlining proposed solutions to present to stakeholders, diagramming often plays an integral role in the product design process. With Axure RP, you can create both simple and robust diagrams that'll help you build even better user experiences.

Axure RP Tips and Tricks

5 Quick Tips for Building Interactions in Axure RP

In Axure RP, interactions are the cornerstone of creating rich and realistic prototypes. Here are some of the most popular tips & tricks for interactions that will help you save time and become a pro at building interactive prototypes.

Axure Cloud Axure RP What's New

What’s New in Axure RP & Axure Cloud – September 2023

From project publishing enhancements to more organizational options in Axure RP, September 2023 was another month of exciting updates for Axure RP and Axure Cloud. Learn more!

User Stories

PROS Wins More Customers with Realistic Axure RP Prototypes

PROS provides AI-driven, cloud-based revenue and price management software used by airlines, large retailers, and more. Learn how the PROS team creates custom-tailored demos with Axure RP to present new capabilities to customers and gather usability feedback, all before development.

Axure Cloud Axure RP What's New

What’s New in Axure RP & Axure Cloud – August 2023

Hi there! The Axure team is continuously working to bring you new features, updates, and bug fixes to both Axure RP and Axure Cloud. From new keyboard shortcuts to security enhancements for Axure Cloud, here’s a highlight of some new and exciting updates.

Axure RP Tips and Tricks

Troubleshooting Tips from Your Axure Support Team

When working with complex software tools, having access to a good support team is sometimes a must. The Axure support team is here to help you resolve any issues you may have and help you navigate through prototyping complexities. Here's some of their favorite tips!