Axure Share Notifications Now Available via Slack

Email notifications for Axure Share have been available for some time. But now, as of earlier this month, you have the option to send your notifications to a Slack channel of your choice! You can specify a single channel as the destination for all of your Axure Share account’s projects, or you can set up a different destination channel for each Axure Share workspace. read more

Axure Turns 15

Axure was born when Victor and Martin were working together at a Bay Area startup and went looking for a better tool to help them gather requirements and produce specifications, wireframes, and prototypes. They couldn’t find a tool that met their needs—this was before...

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Easy Master Customization with Conditions

For this installment of our Easy Conditions blog series, I want to look at how conditions work together with masters. I've put together a pretty standard three-page prototype in order to demonstrate what I'll be discussing, as shown in the animation below. And I've built it two different ways: one example uses conditions, and the other does not. read more

The Blank Page: Shoot From the Hip

If you're fearing the blank page in Axure RP, why not just start dragging things onto the canvas and see what sticks? Even a ten-minute static wireframe demonstrating your early ideas can get a conversation started and get you on the road to consensus with stakeholders. read more