Updates to the Axure Share Mobile App

If you've launched the Axure Share mobile app lately, you've probably noticed that it's a whole lot prettier. In addition to the visual refresh, the newest version of the app is now compatible with Axure Share Enterprise, the on-premises version of our cloud hosting service. So if you're part of an ASE team... read more

Amy Espinosa of World IA Day

World Information Architecture Day, now in its sixth year, is taking place this Saturday at over 50 locations across five continents. The distributed conference subsists on the efforts of a small army of volunteer IA professionals, from local speakers and organizers...

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Technical Credit

Recently I've been gratified to read a couple of well-argued, nuanced assessments of the risks and advantages of the strategic accrual of technical debt: Joe Xavier's How to Make Debt Pay, on TechCrunch, and Harry Roberts's We Need to Talk About Technical Debt, over...

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